The junta, Dalaras and Perpiniadis

The junta, Dalaras and Perpiniadis
The junta, Dalaras and Perpiniadis

On April 21, 1967, Dalaras started to record two songs by Perpiniadis, but Athens was full of tanks and the recording was canceled…

It was April 21, 1967, when the 18-year-old Giorgos Dalaras started for the studio, in order to record his first two songs to the music of Vangelis Perpiniadis.

The recording never took place, since Athens has been filled with tanks and Vangelis Perpiniadis had told Kostas Balachoutis “I went to the ‘Rabbits’. There I met the young son of Louka Darala, George, who played the guitar and sang a little song at the beginning of the program: “I’m an eagle without wings aa aa aa…” He had a nice singing voice. I was friends with his father and knew George well and loved him. That’s why I decided to help him and wrote two songs for him to record in Odeon. “In front of your steps”, a cantabile butcher and “I always believed in friends”, zeibeki.

We rehearsed at my house and I give the company a recording day of Friday, April 21, 1967. I see Dallara walking up to my house.

– What’s going on, Mr. Vangelis, shall we not do the audiotaping?
– Didn’t you hear that Athens is full of tanks? The studio is closed.
– And now;
– George, as you know, I have to leave tomorrow for America, I have a contract for four months. You are either lucky or unlucky. I wish the former.

When I came back from America, George had sung “Na ‘tane to ’21” and his name was being talked about a lot. Dalaras was unlucky and in the first recording of “Waiting” by Vassilis Architectonidis and Panagiotis Kalapotharakos, which was released on a small disc by the “Avlos” company, it was cut by the junta’s censorship, due to the subversive lyrics, while a short time later the company.

The versei

When will the dawn come?
let the earth sing
to embrace the peoples
in east and west

When will a weather come?
poor and outcasts
to walk in each other’s arms
leaning on the right

When the bell of the people
of old Makrigiannis
lighter soil and sky
for everyone it will mean

Photo: At “Stellaki” in Kounelia, Chaidariou. Perpiniadis and Ria Norma standing, in front of the microphones. Giorgos Dalaras can be seen behind with the guitar.

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