The Only Living Member of ‘The Monkees’ Sues FBI

The Only Living Member of ‘The Monkees’ Sues FBI
The Only Living Member of ‘The Monkees’ Sues FBI

Micky Dolenz of the Monkees has filed a lawsuit against the FBI to obtain any records the agency has on the band and its members.

In 1967 an FBI informant attended a concert on the band’s first US tour and filed a report alleging that the concert contained “subliminal messages (…) projected on the screen which, in his (informant’s) opinion, constituted “interference by left wing in politics”.

The report went on to describe the messages as “Berkeley riots, anti-US messages about the Vietnam War, race riots in Selma, Alabama, and similar messages that had an adverse public response.”

The Monkees archive was released in 2011, but was heavily altered. In June 2022, Dolenz – the only surviving member of the band – filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the full archive, but was unsuccessful.

Now a lawsuit has been filed against the FBI through attorney Mark S. Zaid in an attempt to gain access to the full dossier and any other records related to the band and its members.

“The Monkees reflected, especially in their later years with projects like Head, a counterculture from the institutional power at the time,” Zaid told Rolling Stone.

“And Edgar Hoover’s FBI, particularly in the ’60s, was notorious for going after the counterculture, whether they were doing anything illegal or not.”

He also added that it is reported that there is another document related to the band which was completely redacted.

“Theoretically, everything could be in these files. We have no idea what records there are. It could be almost nothing. But we’ll see soon.”

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