Snik: The club that sang in Katerini is a battlefield

It turned into a battlefield at dawn well-known club of Paralia Katerinis in which the well-known rapper appeared last night, Snik.

THE company of the famous singer involved pgot into a fight with another group of people who were having fun at a nearby table with the result that the “bloods” ignite and the shop turns into a ring in a few minutes…

Wild wood scenes ensued with the youths throwing bottles and entwining with stools in hand. Yes, yesSnik was also involved in the fight and reportedly got off the stage and punched a person from the “opposing” group.

For about half an hour, panic prevailed in the club while several patrons ran towards the exit in order to escape the objects thrown by the youths.

Shortly after 4:30 in the morning, EKAV ambulances arrived at the store which they received the wounded from the wild wood that preceded.

The club where Snik sang in Katerini was a battlefield

In the videos he secured the, hundreds of patrons can be seen rioting outside the club while two ambulances pick up the injured.

Snik: Wild wood live in Katerini

In the footage, you can see Msand two Police patrol cars that rushed to the scene to separate the “bullies”.

According to information, the police also proceeded to arrest people which were allegedly involved in the bloody brawl.

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