Luke Bell: The country singer died at the age of 32

Luke Bell: The country singer died at the age of 32
Luke Bell: The country singer died at the age of 32

Her rising star country music Luke Bell passed away at the age of 32 after reportedly being missing for over a week. Bell’s friend and colleague, Fr singer Matt Kinman confirmed the “tragic” news to music website Saving Country Music.

Born in Kentucky and raised in Wyoming, Bell was found dead yesterday in Arizona, near where he was reported missing on Aug. 20, police said.

So far, the singer’s cause of death remains “unknown,” according to authorities currently investigating the tragedy. However, Kinman told music blog The Boot that his friend had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, adding that a recent change in his medication may have “played a role” in his disappearance.

Colleagues and friends are saying goodbye to him on social media with heartbreaking posts.

The singer started his musical career at a local bar while studying at the college. He then found himself in Nashville, where he recorded his first album “Don’t Mind If I Do” in 2014.

In an earlier interview he had stated: “To be honest, I live every day and count smiles. In the middle of the day I end up drinking with my neighbors. Life is not bad. Sometimes it gets me down because I don’t have a family, but on the other hand it seems like a good thing as I travel from city to city and meet new people. My goal is to have dreams and low expectations to have a good time.”

News today:

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