Concert in his memory, 40 days after his death

“Like a dream” will be the concert organized by the Municipality of Glyfada on September 26 for the much-loved composer and singer Robert Williams.

Just 40 days have passed since the soulful singer passed away, defeated by cancer, and his friends have not forgotten him for a moment.

Bessy Argyraki, Sofia Vossou, Lakis Jordanelli, Giorgos Polychroniadis, Sofia Arvaniti and many more singers said “yes” to the proposal of the mayor of Glyfada George Papanikolaou to participate in the honorary evening. It was August 21, when the heart of one of the most beloved singers of the 70s stopped beating… Robert Williams, after a short but brave battle with cancer, finally couldn’t stand it and flew to the skies.

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Many artists and ordinary people accompanied him to his last residence. And everyone had a good thing to say about the best child of the “innocence” years. The proposal for the big concert was made to the Municipality of Glyfada by his friends, the artists.

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201609091326430.0261 ILENIA OYILIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS 892016 And the mayor, seeing the great sensitivity and love everyone had for Robert Williams, agreed to hold the tribute concert 40 days after his death. Like a musical memorial, in which everyone would like to sing a song for him to reach the heavens.

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The family of Robert Williams has already accepted this concert with great love, while it is possible to hear his much-loved daughter Ilenia perform one of the songs that her father loved and sang together whenever they had the chance.

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robert williams1113At the tribute concert they will also play several video clips with Robert Williams in his most legendary moments!


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