My departure from SYRIZA is one way

My departure from SYRIZA is one way
My departure from SYRIZA is one way

Andreas Xanthos announced his departure from SYRIZA with his statements on Real fm 97.8 and Terence Quick’s show.

Andreas Xanthos said that under the leadership of Kasselakis, SYRIZA is changing from “an open, polyphonic party”. “We cannot tolerate people who have served the left with dignity and values ​​to give up that we are the fifth phalanx of the Right. Because that’s what Mr. Kasselakis bluntly and explicitly said yesterday,” said the former minister.

When asked if he will follow the path of Panos Skourletis and leave, Andreas Xanthos answered: “Yes, I think this is a one-way street. Honestly, with pain of course, and with pain because we have lived through other difficult times.”

As Andreas Xanthos explained, there is now “incredible hostility and incredible intolerance”. “Now there is a climate: to get rid of the burdens, to clean up the party, to get rid of its sick elements. He cannot speak in terms of sickness and health. These are things that refer to other times”, stressed Andreas Xanthos.

“Unity requires political conditions to exist and these political conditions no longer exist,” concluded the former minister.


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