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To survive as a student in the Junta I had made the mask of the unconscious

To survive as a student in the Junta I had made the mask of the unconscious
To survive as a student in the Junta I had made the mask of the unconscious

A comprehensive interview was granted by Nikos Portokaloglou and referred to the era of the Junta, which he lived through, as well as the first verses he wrote.

The well-known songwriter was a guest on the show “Studio 4” and initially mentioned the difficult period of the Dictatorship.

“I lived through the Dictatorship period as a student. Very dark and oppressive time. Just having our hair measured with a ruler to get a haircut was one of the most humiliating things I’ve ever experienced. To survive I had made this mask of the unconscious. I had developed the science of becoming invisible,” he said characteristically.

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As he mentioned, at that time he started to write his first lyrics and to take some timid steps in the field of singing.

“My first job was in bouzoukis. Not the very big ones, the medium ones. When I found out what per diems they give, I said this is the way to gain autonomy from a very early age. I was 18 years old. I entered a job that was not easy, Gerasimos Lavranos was the conductor at the time, terrible school. I had never played a folk song before”the artist stated.

He then stated that he flirted many times with the idea of ​​giving it all up and going to live on an island. However, he managed to find balance within himself when he got married.

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“My marriage has brought me a wonderful balance. It was madness. In the intensity of the first passion, I saw it as a cinematic move and proposed marriage. When we told my parents, they freaked out. We ate kazoura from our friends. After many obstacles, it worked out for us. It’s one of the things I’m proud of. In the obstacles you put your head down and work”, he emphasized.

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