Margarita Zorbala and Apostolos Rizos sing Mano Loizo

Margarita Zorbala and Apostolos Rizos sing Mano Loizo
Margarita Zorbala and Apostolos Rizos sing Mano Loizo

They say he died 40 years ago on September 17, 1982 in Moscow. It’s not true. Manos Loizos managed, with only 10 records published while he lived with us and another 2 published while he lived away from us, to leave in our memory and in our hearts one of the most powerful imprints in terms of Greek singing.

Margarita Zorbalas and Apostolos Rizos, honoring his memory in this significant year, celebrate the anniversary of his birth (October 22, 1937) with a unique performance at the historical Acropolis theater.

They choose from the whole of his song cycles the ones they loved the most and embrace this priceless repertoire which, even though 50 years have passed, still remains alive, writing new stories and charting new paths.

The distinguished performer appears rarely, but every time she offers a complete performance it is truly unforgettable.

So this year, starting from Cyprus, where he resides permanently, with four sold out performances dedicated to Manos Loizos, who is of Cypriot origin, he comes to Athens believing that looking back at such an important work of the composer as well as the words of the most important lyricists of the time, is an essential testimony of of our cultural heritage and a reminder to the younger generation of the timelessness of the musical work.

Apostolos Rizos, who works equally as one of the most notable songwriters of the new generation, has worked with dedication and love for many years with the work of Loizos. He has re-arranged and re-recorded many of his songs with a modern eye and performed them with great success many times.

In the performance “Me faro to feggari” the two artists are accompanied by four solo musicians with conductor and orchestrator the pianist Neoklis Neofitidis.

The performance will also take place at Thessaloniki on Sunday, November 6 at the Megaro Musikis.

Saturday, October 22

Start time: 21.00

Acropolis Theatre
9-11 Hippocrates, 10679, Athens

Phone: 2103648303
Ticket presale at

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