Garbi – Schinas: A night club entrepreneur sent them out of court -…

Garbi – Schinas: A night club entrepreneur sent them out of court -…
Garbi – Schinas: A night club entrepreneur sent them out of court -…

Kaiti Garbi and Dionysis Schinas were sued by a nightclub entrepreneur.

In particular, as it has become known, a few days ago the end of the collaboration between Dionysis Schinas and Giorgos Mazonakis was announced, before… they even started their performances.

The two artists were scheduled to be on the stage of the Athens Center from September 10, however Dionysis Schinas was initially disturbed by the official poster of their performances.

Due to this disagreement, the premiere was postponed to September 15, but disagreements arose again in the dress rehearsal about the duration of the appearance of the two artists in the program, and Schinas finally left.

Giorgos Mazonakis will finally continue his appearances alone. However, this story seems to have created new problems for Dionysus Schina.

More specifically, according to the report of the show “Mega Kalimera”, the night club where the two singers would appear sent an extrajudicial letter to Dionysis Schinas and is asking him for 60,000 euros.

The lawyer of the owner of the night club explained that the departure of Dionysis Schinas from the scheme entails financial losses, which the entrepreneur cannot bypass. After all, as he said, he broke the terms of his contract.

However, an extrajudicial letter was also sent to Kate Garbi and the reason is an advance she had received in the past the singer, for some performances that ultimately did not take place due to the pandemic. It was therefore agreed to settle both cases at the same time.

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