He announced his premiere with a song by Dionysis Schinas

He announced his premiere with a song by Dionysis Schinas
He announced his premiere with a song by Dionysis Schinas

His own answer, after his statements Dionysis Ropes gave by George Mazonakis.

After the end of their collaboration and the departure of Dionysis Schinas from the group, the well-known singer wanted to “respond”… after music.

It is recalled that the two artists were to be on stage from September 10, however Dionysis Schinas was initially disturbed by the official poster of their performances.

Due to this dispute, the premiere was postponed to 15 September, but disputes arose again in the dress rehearsal over the duration of the two artists’ appearance in the program.

Giorgos Mazonakis will finally continue his appearances alone and in fact, he found the “appropriate” way to announce his premiere.

In particular, with a video on his personal Instagram account, Giorgos Mazonakis announced to his online friends that his appearances will start on September 29.

In fact, he did not hesitate to sing one of Dionysis Schina’s hits, titled “Never”. “You never, you never understood me, you never knew me, never. Music brings dudes together,” Giorgos Mazonakis is heard saying.

Watch the video:

On his part, Mr Dionysis Schoinas gave his own answer, through social networks, while announcing his departure from the scheme.

“My dear friends… Because different scenarios are heard, the reason I left was because our sold out premiere was canceled twice without the audience deciding and in fact without knowing the reason! I believe in mutual respect and that’s how I’ve been going all these years. So I thought it right to step down in defense of my name, my career and myself…” he wrote in an Instagram story.

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