Avatar: The Way Of Water

Avatar: The Way Of Water
Avatar: The Way Of Water

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Of Water opens on December 16, 2022 after years of delay

The Avatar 2 known as “Avatar: The Way Of Water” is coming to theaters on December 16, 2022, after a long delay. The film’s trailer debuted at CinemaCon and has been available online since May. Although the trailer reveals little of the script and plot of the film, it had almost 150 million views in the first 24 hours alone.

Almost thirteen years have passed since 2009, when James Cameron realized his dream, giving the world one of the most spectacular and successful films of all time. The first “Avatar”, a phenomenon film, pioneered the field of digital cinema and ushered in a new era of 3D fiction. On September 23 on the occasion of its upcoming sequel Avatarthe first film is released again in cinemas in 4K High Dynamic Range, giving the opportunity to enjoy it to those who missed it the first time, but also to those nostalgic who want to travel again to the magical blue planet Pandora.

For those who do not know the story, the original film reproduces the myth of the noble savage as we have encountered it in other films – see “Dancing with the wolves” and “The Last Samurai”. THE Jake Sully, a paraplegic marine, part of a military expedition, travels to the resource-rich planet Pandora to mine a rare ore. With the help of technology, he merges his mind with the body of one of the natives of the planet, and as an avatar now meets and falls in love with Neytiri, a member of the tribe of Navi. After many adventures he ends up switching sides and fighting with her against the invaders. Although the film did not become famous for its script, it went down in history for its impressive visuals.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Way Of Water opens on December 16, 2022 after years of delay

Jon Landau, Wes Studi, Joel David Moore, Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, James Cameron, Zoe Saldana, CCH Pounder, Bob Iger, Sigourney Weaver and Laz Alonso at Disney’s Avatar theme park in Florida, May 2017 © Matt Stroshane/Disney Resorts via Getty Images

Avatar: The Way Of Water – How the sequel was made – The reasons for the delay

The sequel “Avatar: The Way Of Water”, which is the second part of a quintet, started shooting in 2017 and will be a mix of live action with elements of motion capture in a 3D environment, just like the first film. In September 2020 Cameron had revealed that Avatar 2 had been completed while Avatar 3 was 95% finished. It is impressive that the well-known director had to work simultaneously on the next two sequels while parts of Avatar 4 have already started filming. “Any scenes involving a specific actor for the Avatar 2 and the Avatar 3 happened together. Like some of the Avatar 4″he told Variety magazine. “Also, the scenes involving children had to be completed as soon as possible, before they grew up.” the visionary filmmaker had added. James Cameron also told Empire magazine that he may not be directly involved in directing Avatar 4 and Avatar 5, and that the five films, while self-contained, will form a single story. “It’s a continuation of the same characters. But what happens when warriors on suicide missions who run, fight and jump on the backs of giant Toruks grow up to be parents themselves?”

Award-winning director James Cameron had stated at Comic Con that the film includes many underwater and underwater shots and scenes, which were shot naturally rather than digitally adding water in post-production, as is the norm. . This was also one of the main reasons for the delay apart from the pandemic. “The whole process was pure madness”James Cameron admitted about filming. “If the original Avatar hadn’t made so much money, we never would have made the sequel” explained. From an audiovisual point of view, the film pushes technology to its limits with even higher frame rates, higher 3D resolution and even more realistic visual effects.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Way Of Water opens on December 16, 2022 after years of delay

James Cameron at the ‘Challenging The Deep’ exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum, May 2018 © EPA/Peter Rae

Avatar: James Cameron’s plan for five films, the script and the cast

Once “Avatar: The Way Of Water” hits theaters, it will unleash a series of sequels that will be released every two years until Avatar 5 is slated for 2028. If all goes according to plan, of course . The entire series is partially funded by 20th Century Studios which merged with Disney. The company has already built a theme park at Disney World in Florida based on the world of Avatar, so there is a commitment to James Cameron’s vision. If the next two sequels do not have the expected success then there will be no continuation in the series.

The big question mark about the film’s cast is its character Sigourney Weaver. The star of the “Alien” film series had a major role in the first Avatar, but didn’t make it to the end. Sigourney Weaver stated that she will be in the next two sequels, but in a completely different role, with the help of digital effects. She will play Kiri, the adopted teenage daughter of Jake and Neytiri. Although 72 years old, Weaver trained like the rest of the actors for the demands of underwater filming, going so far as to hold her breath for over six minutes.

Avatar at LEGO CON 2022

Regarding the rest of the cast, o Sam Worthington returns as the hero Jake Sully who has become the leader of the tribe of Navi while Zoe Saldana she is alongside Jake in the role of native Neytiri. THE Carol Pounder will be in the role of religious leader Omaticaya and o Cliff Curtis is the Tonowari leader of the Metkayina tribe. In a surprise role we also have the protagonist of Titanic, Kate Winslet which will embody native Ronal, twenty-five years since her last collaboration with James Cameron, although her screen time will certainly be very limited. Even the well-known action hero Vin Diesel will make an appearance, but nothing more has been revealed to us. He returns to the role of the villain Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch. Although in the original film he dies from Neytiri’s arrows, in the sequel he will appear as an avatar fused with the body of a native Navi.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Way Of Water opens on December 16, 2022 after years of delay

© 20th Century Studios

Little has been revealed so far about the film’s plot, which is summarized as follows: Jake Sully lives with his new family on the planet Pandora. A familiar threat from the past returns to finish what Jake started and along with Neytiri and an army of others Navi they will have to defend their planet. The events unfold fourteen years after the first film. Sully is now the leader of the tribe and Neytiri is their priestess, with the script centered around family and children. “At the heart of every sequel is the Sully family”explained the film’s producer, Jon Landau, adding: “How far will parents go to protect their family?” The bad guys in this case will be the mining company RDA who return to the planet Pandora. We also know that a new sign language was created for the needs of the film Navi by CJ Jones the deaf-mute actor of “Baby Driver”.

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