Amanda Seyfried was afraid to object to nude scenes to avoid being fired

Amanda Seyfried was afraid to object to nude scenes to avoid being fired
Amanda Seyfried was afraid to object to nude scenes to avoid being fired

Amanda Seyfried’s nude scenes at 19 and the role of intimacy coordinators on film sets

Amanda Seyfried became widely known for her starring role in Mama Miawhile he has starred in many more film successes such as Jennifer’s Body (2009), Dear John (2010), Letters to Juliet (2010), Red Riding Hood (2011) and many more. She may be a successful and established actress today, but things weren’t always easy for Seyfried, let alone in her early days. Which she did at the age of 19, where she participated for the first time in film productions, some of which contained quite a bit of nudity. Having now had a career spanning 17 years in film, she talks openly about how difficult it was at the beginning, to participate in roles with nude scenes but also the pressure she felt, fearing that she would lose her job.

THE Amanda Seyfried she recalls one scene where she felt pressured and embarrassed, saying, “Being 19 years old and walking around the set in your underwear… I mean, are you kidding me? Why did I allow this to happen?’ “But I know why,” he continues. “I was 19 and I didn’t want to let anyone down and I also wanted to keep my job. Here’s why”.

From these statements, other young actresses were quick to take a stand, who emphasized the need for “intimacy coordinators”, on film sets. Intimacy coordinators are essentially workers who make sure that each actor feels comfortable and safe during filming with nude scenes.

Sean Bean, on the other hand, is the actor who argued in a recent interview that intimacy coordinators are not needed on sets, as they “spoil the spontaneity” of the scene, with his statements causing reactions from other actresses. Yes, the Rachel Zeglertook a stand on what Bean said, stating:

Intimacy coordinators create an environment of safety for actors. I was very thankful for the one we had on the set of West Side Story. He made me feel comfortable as the young actor that I was, trained those around me who had a lot of experience in such scenes. Spontaneity in more intimate scenes may not be safe. Wake up!”.

Other female actors also took a stand, supporting the intimacy coordinators on film sets, saying that they are particularly helpful and prevent young actresses from being mentally injured by such scenes.

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