New short films in ERTFLIX’s “Short Stories”.

The category of ERT’s free digital platform, Mikres Istories, is being enriched, where viewers can enjoy award-winning short films.

After their own festival tours in some of the top events in Greece and the world, 13 more top examples of this category of films, create a new collage on ERTFLIX.


Read which new ERTFLIX Short Stories are waiting for you to enter their world and enjoy them.

Travel Express


Screenplay – direction: Natassa Xydis
Actors: Eleana Stravodimou, Zack Momoh
Plot: Margarita is preparing for a summer vacation in Paros. But by missing the ship, he will eventually travel even further.

“Summer Vacation”

Directed by: Elina Psykou
Actors: Konstantinos Lagos, Malamatenia Gotsi, Vassilis Margietis, Regina Litsis, Dimitris Fantakis
Story: Christina and Nikos are a couple. Both are in their early thirties. They are currently on the ship returning from their summer vacation. About halfway through the journey, and while it is dark, Christina asks Nikos to break up. A series of video testimonies, recorded the next morning, by a television station inform us about what “really” happened, a few hours before, between the two.


Screenplay – Director: Christos Tatsis
Actors: Simos Kakalas, Giannis Tsortekis, Vicky Papadopoulou, Thanos Tokakis, Kostas Xykomenos, Katerina Lipiridou, Ioanna Mavrea, Armando Dauti, Manolis Ginis, Matina Bamioti, Anna Maria Marinaki, Skylos Orgi.
Story: Helen has a birthday. When friends and family gather to celebrate, everyone’s relationships are tested.

“37 days”

Directed by: Nicoleta Leousi
Screenplay: Nicoleta Leousi & Vangelis Serfas
Actors: Elli Tryngou, Yiannis Tsortekis, Katerina Lipiridou, Giorgos Katsis, Ioanna Mavrea, Argyris Bakirtzis
Plot: When Maria, a young pregnant woman working in a manicure-pedicure shop, is fired, she decides to go on maternity strike.


Directed by: Dimitris Tsalapatis
Actors: Konstantinos Georgopoulos, Simos Kakalas, Vasia Christou, Haris Tzortzakis, Sotiris Tsakomidis
Case study: 16-year-old Alexandros lives with his parents in Mesogeia, Attica. In the neighborhoods of fear, the residents are looking for their own “heroes”. Bodies are disciplined, desires are repressed, but the hero remains a child of his age, defying the dictates of the times, society and above all, his father. Alexander will be asked to leave his teenage self behind forever and take a stand in an undeclared war, in a present others have shaped for him.

“A Summer Place”

Directed by: Alexandra Matthaiou
Actors: Mary Mina, Aurora Marion, Natalija Janičkina, Mohammed Awwad, Yannis Kokkinos, Marios Ioannou
Story: In the city that hosts the world’s oligarchs, summer never ends. In her suffocating landscape, Tina decides to give up everything on her birthday. An unexpected meeting will change her life.


Directed by: Katerina Giannakopoulou
Actors: Vassilis Koukalani, Dimitris Frangioglou
Story: Thanasis at the lighthouse and Rosalia in her cage. Both live for their freedom.

“deep cut”

Directed by: Ioanna Kryonas
Actors: Iro Bezou, Katerina Zisoudi, Sebastian Prenzel
Hypothesis: “What does deep cut mean?” Helen asked. “With a deep neckline. What do not you understand;” Anna replied somewhat annoyed. Two girls, an empty suitcase and Hegel’s “Science of Logic” on a Saturday night in Berlin.

“Coat Rehearsal”

Screenplay – Director: Ilias Dimitriou
Actors: Giorgos Armenis, Eleni Vergeti, Pantelis Papadopoulos
Plot: Iordanis, a retired tailor around 65, sits all alone, without work or friends in his abandoned tailor shop. The sudden appearance of Maria, who wants to make a documentary about him, brightens his gloomy life. Everything takes on a new meaning again.

“potato eaters”

Directed by: Stratis Panourios
Actors: Paris Alexandropoulos, Stathis Koikas, Andreas Lambropoulos, Arion Panourios, Vranas Gekas, Markos Deligiannis, Konstantina Zagari, Aris Bolioudakis, Yiannis Economidis
Plot: At the end of World War II, four rival soldiers clash over a sack of potatoes. Until, some mice appear. The survival instinct becomes an occasion for the real battles to break out. Or does, under such conditions, nationality and language take second place and the war of men ends?

“Paper Eagles”

Directed by: Stratoula Theodoratou
Actors: Yannis Kokiasmenos, Kostantis Kokiasmenos, Konstantina Giachali, Thanos Kitsikopoulos
Story: When the wind blows, everything acquires a strange power.

“What swims and laughs”

Directed by: Emmanuela Fragiadaki
Actors: Thalia Kalliga, Anna Paitatzi, Thanasis Papageorgiou
Story: Magda and Georgia have been friends for years now. However, an unforeseen event causes them to change their daily route to the baths. Their day takes a different turn, maybe the next ones too.

“General’s Widow”

Directed by: Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Starring: Jenny Roussea, Vafiadis Maria, Despina Isaia, Despina Iosifidou, Vasia Exarchou, Christos Nastos, Thodoris Kalamiotis, Filippos Kountouras
Plot: Ever since her husband, Andreas, died, Mrs. Antonia only has his picture in which she talks. She is almost certain he hears her. She passes this confidence on to us who watch her.

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