Movies of the week (TRAILER)

Movies of the week (TRAILER)
Movies of the week (TRAILER)

Film week with a few interesting films and a re-release not to be missed. THE “Chinatown” (1974) of Roman Polanski set in Los Angeles in the 1930s, during the Southern California water war, it is one of the most legendary films of all time, a true masterpiece.

The “Women Fighters – Triple Liberation” of Leonida Vardarou continue their festival journey this time as well won the Common Greek Documentary Award at the recent 9th Peloponnese International Documentary Festival. 22 women testify what they lived from the 1930s to 1949. With great love and respect for the protagonists of the documentary, L. Vardaros composes the great portrait of the struggles of the Greek people of that period, focusing especially on women. We are eagerly awaiting the second part of the documentary, which will refer to the 50s and 60s, the period of great social and labor struggles. We wish to meet more often in screenings with the Women Fighters.

It continues until Sunday, November 12 64th Thessaloniki Film Festival, in physical spaces and online. 270 feature and short films are screened at the Festival, while at the same time we also watch 79 films online, through the Festival’s digital platform, It sets it apart tribute to Takis Kanellopoulos. More information on the festival page.

Of the films of the week we did not meet with the “The Marvels” her Nia Da Costa, but we watched – and were not thrilled at all, as there was a distinct lack of scripted infrastructure – the “The Royal Hotel” her Kitty Green and “A Mother Takes Revenge” of Miles Joris – Perafit, while the “American Carnage” of Diego Halivis is a b-movie allegory about Immigration and racism in the US that, while it has something to say, unfortunately cannot be taken seriously due to its style.

Into the Fire / La Passion de Dodin Bouffant / Tran An Hung / 2023 / 134 minutes

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