The Marvels: “As much as” and a mid-credits scene that was worth the wait

The Marvels: “As much as” and a mid-credits scene that was worth the wait
The Marvels: “As much as” and a mid-credits scene that was worth the wait

The next chapter of the MCU has arrived via “The Marvels” and, as it turned out, it was the lightest story we’ve seen in post-Avengers: Endgame time. In short, it was a smooth continuation of the story while we wait for its grand finale Loki Season 2.

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Clearly, the fact that we had no demands beyond simply having a good time was enough to get the “The Marvels» positive sign, or at least not negative. Not that not seeing it would change anything, but because it was really “as much as”. An hour and a half in total, no complex emotions, simple, minimal drama, nice and impressive action choreography, light style and introduction of a new heroine, Monica Rambeau/Photon (Teyonal Parris) without the complex dialogues and irritating origins, along with the little one Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) which probably suits her more to be in a movie than to have her own series.

The protagonist, of course, remains the goddess Brie Larsson, who continues her story as Captain Marvel (approx) from the series finale scene, Ms. Marvel. Then out of nowhere he came out of little Kamala Khan’s closet to add future intrigue and enough thought in our heads for the continuation of the story.

Of course, the best came after the finale of the film, for which – don’t worry – we won’t do any spoilers. But we will prepare you.

MCU: The turn we needed has the letter X.

The plot

Captain Marvel, therefore, in addition to being an all-powerful Avenger of the entire galaxy, is a red “sail” for the Kree as she has destroyed the Supreme Intelligence which is the energy source of their planet, Hala, in order to stop their warlike tendency. A Kree rebel, the Dar-Benn (Zawe Ashton) she gains powers similar to those of Carol Danvers, and in her quest to restore life to her home planet and, at the same time, get revenge on Captain Marvel, she will open holes in space-time, which has put the entire galaxy in danger.

From the specific rifts in time, however, the three Marvel women will find a way to connect and eventually form a unique Big 3, so to speak in the NBA. That of the Marvels. With the help of comedian, again, Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), the trio will unite, deal with Dar-Benn and will attempt to save the universe from the rifts of spacetime.

He didn’t need anything else

Speaking of which, it’s no secret that most people met the arrival of this particular film with hesitation, especially if we consider that the series “Ms. Marvel” wasn’t loved by the MCU audience all that much. So given our low expectations, we can say that the last chapter so far in the MCU’s film library has not been super wow, nor will it be a stepping stone for the sequel. It had the necessary ingredients required for an action-adventure film and, above all, in the minimum amount.

The performances are comical in tone and certainly, not as serious (as much as we would like, although it didn’t need to be), but more importantly, not much information is required for the viewer to process during the viewing.

Girl power picks up where it left off in Wakanda Forever and is a pleasant company, in a film that unfolds with speed, beautiful colors, while dropping small hints that the man of the universe, Kevin Feige has not yet played his last card in terms of MCU Resurrection.

In short, if you’re expecting to see a film similar to the first Captain Marvel movie, you can expect to see it on Disney Plus when it comes out. But if you want to see something light to pass your time leisurely, then “The Marvels» is a good company. Not the best, but it’s fine the way it is.

An “idea” for the post-credit scenes

Is ‘The Marvels’ mid-credits and post-credits scene better? It’s a lot, especially the mid. Perhaps the first time we begin to appreciate the power of the Multiverse and how beautiful things from the past can be brought into the present. Keep this. Of course, we should have had an idea from the clip of the film that we have shown you above. Where the blue Kree that Captain Marvel is plastered with in the Khan family living room looks a bit like Nightcrawler.

If you think that her ending Ms. Marvel he had something that was… mutated, you know where we’re going. And us and Kevin Feige.

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