‘Sly’ presents Sylvester Stallone’s cutest side

‘Sly’ presents Sylvester Stallone’s cutest side
‘Sly’ presents Sylvester Stallone’s cutest side

Until today we knew very specific things about his past Sylvester Stallone. Most of them have to do with the various historical-cinematic elements of Rocky, which the cinephiles look for and throw at invalid moments in their groups. That Sly wrote the original script in three days or that they offered him thousands of dollars to get the rights. And no. He never gave them.

The Sly as a biopic it is the man behind the hero. I don’t know and I can’t put it any other way. And Stallone, at least, appears to be a wonderful person as the truly kind at heart shows in the details of their lives. There is an incredible flow between Stallone’s attempt to establish himself in cinema and his attempt to win his father’s love. The second, is something that maybe he never managed in his life and from the documentary it is clear that it hurts him to this day.

There’s a specific reason Sylvester Stallone is incredibly popular with both men and women. The usual reasons are just as simple. He has played Rambo and Rocky, as well as a series of other films, which even if the critics called them flops, for us it is part of our adolescence. Women always found him handsome. Some are a good actor, but I think they appreciate him more now that they’ve seen him develop as an actor. And this here, is the hardest part Stallone has ever been called upon to tackle. The recognition. The most spectacular thing, and what continues to inspire us, is that he didn’t give up.

Stallone – and this is not fully shown in the biopic – is a man who experienced terrible racism. They’ve called him useless, told him he’ll never do anything in movies, made fun of him for the way he spoke (ps: which is explained in the movie), and found his scripts funny. Sly has written countless scripts in his life, some of which never saw the light of day. But Rocky’s efforts to win in the ring are essentially his own efforts to win in film and life. That’s why these movies are so honest. We have already said in an earlier text that the action movie around Rocky is something that arose due to the trend of the 80s. Rocky Balboa is a dramatic hero. He is what Americans today call white trash and he made crazy sacrifices to win. Accordingly John Rambo – of First Blood – is just a Vietnam veteran with PTSD that the police provoke him for no reason. These characters are dramatic characters and Sly embodied them successfully because drama is a star in his life. And even if you have a lot to say about Sly the actor, what can you say about Sly the father who has lost his son at 37?

In particular, Sly learned to do in life exactly what he was talking to his son about in ”Rocky Balboa”. To take hits and keep moving forward. The action star past may have clouded the judgment of some regarding Stallone, but the criticism is simpler than one might imagine. He is a good actor, with a creative script, who has been in top movies and some he would not like to remember. What great actor hasn’t experienced this? I think everyone. Sly’s real inspiration, however, aside from his own life, is all those without a voice but always looking for a place in the sun.

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And this story, I personally believe, has a happy ending. Sly was recognized. He became synonymous with a city he didn’t even live in because of his hero. He had a career, made money, became a father again three times and his favorite “friend”, Rocky Balboa, was even nominated for an Oscar.

So does Sly. It shows a fighter’s path to recognition and conquest. Sly is what we call “a little reminder of my younger self”, a little trip back in time through the victories of today, where an old warrior looks at the challenges with a smile and sees that he made it and is still standing. It is an interesting and highly moving biopic that gives value to Sylvester Stallone that perhaps some people did not know until today.

And Sly is just great.

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