She brought the cinema to her new home in Milan!

She brought the cinema to her new home in Milan!
She brought the cinema to her new home in Milan!

THE Chiara Ferrani these days she is moving to Milan and her new house is almost ready. Already the first furniture has been moved and as we have from her Instagram, her children are excited!

Many times we see in movies, various villas that have media and cinemas and many of us certainly envy it, especially when someone is a movie lover.

It seems that the famous influencer loves cinema as well as Fantasy with their children and for this, a cinema room was created in their new home which includes huge, red armchairs – beds and of course, a big screen to enjoy their favorite movies.

The daughter of Kiara and Fedez, Victoria she was the one who was most excited about the cinema room and we can see it from the photos that the influencer posted on her personal Instagram account.

Indeed, the cinema space is so perfectly designed that they forget they are inside their own home.

Chiara Ferrani and Fedez went through quite a bit of trouble before moving in as the rapper had recently been taken to the hospital after suffering internal bleeding caused by two ulcers.

The influencer obviously couldn’t be without him and in fact, for the first time she also became a blood donor on the occasion of her husband’s adventure. Now, they are preparing a new and creative life in their new home.

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