Shower Boys: The film’s director’s response to the allegations

Shower Boys: The film’s director’s response to the allegations
Shower Boys: The film’s director’s response to the allegations

The movie “Boys in the Shower“, which has been in the spotlight after a parent complained that it was shown in his child’s class and “contains erotic content”, doesn’t showabsolutely nothing of the sort“, he says director her, Christian Zetterberg.

As he describes, “there were allegations that this short film is of an erotic nature and depicts sexual situations between children”. At this point, in his response to, he emphasizes: “The claims they are without any logic and, as directors, we cannot understand how the film and its subject matter could be interpreted in this way. This film shows absolutely nothing like that.”

Then he talks about one misinformation which “has been exaggerated in some Greek media” and is “shockingly wrong”, adding that “we have serious doubts that any of the makers of these claims have seen the film”.

He explains that “Boys in the Shower” tells one story story of male friendshiphow two very good friends explore the norms of masculinity, what it means to “be a man” and, ultimately, how their friendship is both challenged and supported by the adults around them.

“It is one worldwide acclaimed filmwith multiple awards to its credit, including the Best European Short Film for Children, from the influential ECFA (European Children’s Film Association), which even bears the patronage of several European film institutes, among them the Hellenic Film Center”, he underlines .

Finally, it clarifies that “Boys in the Shower” used daily in educational platforms in the whole of Europe and it has been seen by thousands of children, since its first screening, in 2021.We fully support the teacher’s decision to use the film in the classroom. Films should be discussed and debated, but it is undeniably problematic when claims are made on a completely false basis. We hope that the Greek public will show critical thinkingfiltering the information currently shaking and that people will find time to watch the film if given the chance.”

What does a psychologist say?

It is noted that if one enters the digital platform of cinema films for schools (CINEDU), they will see the film in question in the suitable for high school children and not primary school children.

THE clinical psychologist and Dr. of the School of Medicine, Anna Kandaraki, said that “the child’s soul has many colors and the goal is to give more tools to read it”.

Ages have huge differences so we have to follow the rules that have been set. He’s got big difference between 11 and 12 years old. The movie addressed to children over 12 years of age and should not have been shown. It matters and there is an illegality here. But there is another issue. Sex education, which starts from the cradle. Most minors are educated according to research, through pornography and this is not good. I’ve seen the movie, it’s an award-winning one and belongs in the children’s library,” he said initially, speaking to Mega.

We cannot throw away a material without educating the children. Also, not all children are the same in the classroom. The teacher should ask. We do not show such material to children without proper preparation.”

According to the expert, how a parent reacts also affects the child’s reaction.

“The main reason why parents come to ask a psychologist about their children is about learning difficulties or whether they might turn out to be gay. We have to overcome this».

Matina Pagoni also made her comment, in the same medium, saying that everything starts with the family.

“As far as the school is concerned, the teacher who shows such a film has to do with how he will explain it. If a pre-processing has been done then there will be no problem. It is not so much a matter of a child watching such a film if it is explained. Parents are afraid and startled easily. They should explain in their own way. It’s not something tragic that they show such a film.”


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