‘Boys in the Shower’: The director’s response

‘Boys in the Shower’: The director’s response
‘Boys in the Shower’: The director’s response

Much has been written about the film “Boys in the Shower” and its screening by a theater teacher in an elementary school in Zografou.

Most striking of all was that the film was ranked in… love affairs.

Speaking to freecinema.gr, the director of the Swedish film, Christian Zetteberg, denied all the myths circulated in the media and emphasized the…obvious: That the film not only is it not dangerous for children, but it has also won the award for best film for children’s audiences.

The Swedish director’s full statement:

It came to our attention that our film, ‘Boys in the Shower’, was published in the Greek media. The reason concerns the alleged complaint of a parent against a teacher who showed the film to a group of children.

There have been claims that this short film is of an erotic nature and depicts sexual incidents between children. These claims are without any logic and, as directors, we cannot understand how the film and its theme could be interpreted in this way. This movie shows absolutely nothing of the sort.

This misinformation that has been rampant in some Greek Media is shockingly wrong and, really, we have serious doubts that any of the makers of these claims have seen the film.

‘Boys in the Shower’ tells a story of male friendship, how two very good friends explore the norms of masculinity, what it means to ‘be a man’ and, ultimately, how their friendship is both challenged and supported by the adults around them.

It is a world-renowned film, with multiple awards to its credit, including the Best European Short Film for Children, from the prestigious ECFA (European Children’s Film Association), which in fact bears the patronage of several European film institutes, among them the Helliniko Cinema Center.

‘Shower Boys’ is used daily on educational platforms across Europe and has been seen by thousands of children since its first screening in 2021. We wholeheartedly support the teacher’s decision to use the film in the classroom. Films should be discussed and debated, but it is undeniably problematic when claims are made on a completely false basis. We hope that the Greek public will show critical thinking, filtering the information that is being shaken at the moment, and that people will find time to watch the film if they get the chance.”

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