Filming of the film begins in Trikeri

Filming of the film begins in Trikeri
Filming of the film begins in Trikeri
Local: 2022-09-11 – 10:48:21

Trikeri turns into a film studio for “Haunted Heart”

The filming of the Spanish film “Haunted Heart” by the Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba begins on September 19 from Trikeri. The Region of Thessaly, through the facilitation office for audiovisual productions Film Office Thessaly, works closely with the production company Blonde, for the smooth and safe realization of the filming and the securing of the necessary permits.

In this context, the governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos met in his office with the representative of Blonde Nikos Kyritsis and was informed about the needs of the production and the schedule of the filming, which will last until November 12 in Trikeri, Agia Kyriaki and Kottes.

The worldwide screening of the film is expected to significantly increase the overall tourist interest in the Pelion region and to economically strengthen the local community, while at the same time it constitutes a great tourist promotion for the country abroad, highlighting its positive image as a friendly destination for filming.

The Blonde company has been distinguished for its work in numerous domestic and international productions such as “ETEROS EGÓ” by Sotiris Tsafoulias for COSMOTE TV, “Smirni my Beloved” written by Mimi Denisis and directed by Grigoris Karatinakis and others.

The movie plot

The central plot of the script of the movie “Haunted Heart” is as follows: The protagonist, Matt Dillon, lives a quiet life in a beautiful and green secluded place in Greece. He owns a building which he has converted into a restaurant. In the spring he works in his garden and prepares to welcome the summer customers who arrive in small boats. He is a “closed” character who prefers to spend his time alone. The island is his sanctuary, which is why he remains there isolated throughout the winter. When he hires a new employee at the beginning of the summer, he is gradually seduced by his feelings for her and the cycle of his loneliness is broken, letting unexpected secrets of his past come to the surface…

For the needs of the film, exterior filming will be done in the alleys of the village of Trikeri and in Agia Kyriaki, in front of the “Trehandiri” and “O Kavos” taverns, where, based on the script, scenes will be created that will refer to an open-air market.

Also, exterior filming will take place in forest areas on the route from Trikeri to Alogoporo, at Agia Vasso beach and in Kottes.

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