A.O. Lamias: Registration for the Volleyball Development Infrastructure sections

The Lamia 2013 Sports Club is pleased to announce the start of training for the Volleyball Development Infrastructure Departments as well as the start of registration for new female athletes.

Registrations / re-registrations-renewals for all Departments of Development Infrastructure will be done exclusively and only at a special stand of the club at the Municipal Sports Center “Halkiopoulio” of Lamia, from Monday September 5, 2022, and every day from Monday to Friday at 5:30 -8:00 in the afternoon.

The training sessions of the departments take place at the Auxiliary Gymnasium in “Halkiopoulio”, at 1The Lamia Gymnasium and at the Indoor Gymnasium of Antheon at 5The Lamia High School.

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Our club is faithful and with the same commitment as every year supports the development of sports at young ages. Everyone’s love for volleyball offers the luxury to every child in our club to feel the joy of effort and through encouragement and the right learning process and to know the secrets of volleyball and at the same time develop their sports skills.

With high-level training programs with the sole purpose of stimulating young children’s relationships with sports, the academies of A.O. Lamias 2013, led by Mr. Andrea Papanagiotou Volleyball trainer-coach and the Technical Director and coach of the competitive departments Katsigianni Athanasios and with the support of the International players, such as Caroline Frances Livingston (Extreme with the Canadian National Team), Anna Mebus (Dutch Passer), Heloisa Lacerda Pereira (Brazilian diagonal player), Evdoxia Georgiadou (Libero), as well as the other athletes of the team, starts registrations, re-registrations for all departments.

A free training t-shirt is provided with registration.

For more information

  • Special stand outside the “Halkiopoulio” from 5:30-8:00 pm
  • on the phone: 6983380551 (Andreas Papanagiotou)
  • on the group’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aolamias.gr

For the registration of a new athlete or the re-registration of an athlete, the following are required:

  1. Application – Declaration of Registration by a parent/guardian (to be completed and signed at the Secretariat of the Association)
  2. Declaration of consent for the collection and processing of Personal Data
  3. Medical Certificate from a Paediatrician, Pathologist or Cardiologist

For the registration of a new athlete and the issuance of a Bulletin in the Competition sections:

  1. Application – Registration Statement (to be completed and signed at the Association Secretariat)
  2. Photocopy of the athlete’s ID or passport
  3. Declaration of consent for the collection and processing of Personal Data
  4. E.O.E. application form (provided by the Secretariat of the Association)
  5. A photograph
  6. Cardiologist Medical Certificate
  7. €5 for Parabolo to E.O.P.E.


The article is in Greek


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