Patras: Karakoukis and Kalogrias “send to the dock” Roula

Patras: Karakoukis and Kalogrias “send to the dock” Roula
Patras: Karakoukis and Kalogrias “send to the dock” Roula

The threshold of the investigator was crossed yesterday by the two medical examiners who brought… ups and downs in the Pispirigou case. Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogreas testified to the 35th investigating officer who is conducting the investigation into the deaths of 3.5-year-old Malena and 6-month-old Irida. Both described in great detail how they reached their finding of first degree murder by asphyxiation, effectively overturning the findings of Tsakona and Tsiolas.

However, we should remember that on Thursday Mrs. Christina Tsakona insisted on the cause of Malena’s death that she had listed in the first forensic report (liver failure) but left open the “window” for suffocation, something Patron coroner Angeliki had also done Chiola.
Both medical examiners repeated their basic conclusion: “The suffocation mechanism results from abrasions on the rostrum and an impression on the right cheek” during the postmortem examination of Malena Daskalaki during the review of the photographs, but also the “injuries of the oral mucosa/ upper lip of the mouth during the postmortem examination of Iris Daskalakis and the review of the photographs in combination with the found cloth which carried a sufficient amount of blood”!

On Thursday, the medical examiner Christina Tsakona testified about Malena and while she initially spoke of liver failure, now she also speaks of a possible lack of oxygen.

The pathologist Christos Eftychiadis, who had carried out the review of the histological findings of the two girls, has already testified to the investigator.

His conclusion is even included in that of Mr. Karakoukis and Mr. Kalogria, on the basis of which a criminal prosecution was brought for manslaughter by intent in a calm state of mind for the deaths of the two children at the expense of their mother. A conclusion, however, which, according to information, the defendant’s defense is going to challenge, based on the fact that the method used by Mr. Eftychiadis to derive his conclusion, has never been applied in the past.

In total, more than 20 witnesses are expected to testify in the case of the death of Malena and Iris, with Roula Pispirigou being the last to be called, probably at the end of the month.


Regarding the judicial course of the case, there is information that states that there is a possibility that the case will ultimately be taken to two trials, because Georgina’s case is ready for the judicial process, while the cases of Malena and Iris are still in the investigative stage, and issues arise with the 18 month.

“Since we have two different cases and two different female investigators, we are definitely talking about two different trials. With the data so far, we are waiting day by day for the prosecutor’s proposal for Georgina and by the end of the month the will is also expected”, say experienced lawyers.

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