The pain of the Asia Minor disaster in a three-fold graffiti for the 100 years since 1922

A triptych graffiti 27 square meters focused on completion of 100 years since 1922 will await the visitors of the 86th TIF. The artistic creation, which is currently in the completion phase, will be placed in a central part of the exhibition center and in a prominent position, it has images that refer to the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

“The journey to those moments is done in a special way. In the center of the image is dominated by a figure symbolizing mourning while on the other two sides of the triptych, on the left, the audience will see an image dominated by the sense of gray and on the right, the color since life must go on… In any case, the goal is for the audience to travel back a century with their hearts”, he explained speaking to the radio station of APE BEE, “Agency 104.9FM” Orestis Papageorgiouthe Thessaloniki artist who signs his creations with “Sandman”.

“Needed hard work in order to complete this project as well as another one in Kalamaria. They are two designs about the Asia Minor Catastrophe that I believe combine the story with mine 3D style-signature“, added the graffiti artist.

For his creations, those that the public will see at TIF explains how it all started from the existence of three wooden panels 3×3 meters inside the exhibition space. “The existence of these surfaces was the cause. That’s where the inspiration ‘started’, they became a canvas where I adapted an idea I had for EPAL Kalamaria and that’s how we got what people will see and, hopefully, love,” explained “Sandman”, thanking the exhibition’s curators Melina Papadopoulou and Irini Tzanopoulou for suggesting the creation of the graffiti on the wooden panels. The project required 40 hours of painting. while the final result, which Orestis Papageorgiou is “embroidering” with the last details these days, will be transferred to stand 6 of the TIF, in the coming days.


In Kalamaria the other graffiti with the same theme which “thanks to the three-dimensional elements it incorporates combines the futuristic look with the moments of disaster”, has already been completed by the Thessaloniki artist. The image was created at EPAL Kalamaria after consultation with the director of the day high school, Klearetis Seitanidou and the director of the evening EPAL Nikolaos Gerakis and as reported by “Sandman” they needed ” 100 hours of work to perfect it.”


The specific graffiti has dimensions of 9 x 4 meters and a 3D style “with its central element referring to a warship of the foreign forces, who idly watched the destruction”, explains the artist and emphasizes that both the school and the students as well as the residents of the area have warmly welcomed the creation that now adorns their neighborhood in eastern Thessaloniki.

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