Earthquake in Boeotia – Also felt in Athens – Newsbomb – News

Earthquake in Boeotia – Also felt in Athens – Newsbomb – News
Earthquake in Boeotia – Also felt in Athens – Newsbomb – News

An earthquake was felt in Athens on Saturday morning.

An earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale occurred on Saturday morning in Boeotia, which was also felt in Athens.

The epicenter of the earthquake is located 5 kilometers north-east of Thebes, a point which in the last two years has produced several seismic tremors.

Earthquake protection measures

Citizens can find specific instructions on what to do during the earthquake and after the earthquake on the website of the general secretariat of Civil Protection. Here are the instructions:

If you are inside the house

  • Keep your cool.
  • Take cover under some sturdy piece of furniture (table, desk, desk), kneel down and hold his leg with your hands.
  • If there is no sturdy furniture, kneel in the middle of the room, reducing your height as much as possible and protect your head and neck with your hands. Move away from large glass surfaces (windows, glass partitions) or furniture and objects that could injure you.
  • Do not try to move away from home.
  • Do not go out on the balcony.

If you are in a tall building

  • Move away from windows and exterior walls.

If you are in an entertainment area, shopping center or large store

  • Keep your cool.
  • Stay in the area until the vibration stops.
  • Don’t get carried away by the panicked crowd moving disorderly towards the exits or you risk getting trampled.

If you are in an open area

  • Move away from areas under buildings, telephone or power lines.
  • If you have a bag or briefcase with you, cover your head with it.

If you are in the car

  • Take refuge in an open space and stop the car carefully so that it does not obstruct traffic.
  • Avoid going through tunnels, bridges or overpasses.

What to do after the earthquake if you are inside the house

  • Prepare for any aftershocks.
  • Carefully check yourself and those around you for possible injuries
  • If there are seriously injured people do not move them.
  • Evacuate the building from the stairwell (do not use the elevator), after first turning off the electric, gas and water switches.
  • Escape to an open and safe area.
  • Follow the instructions of the Authorities and do not pay attention to rumours.
  • Do not use your car unnecessarily so that you do not become an obstacle to the work of rescue crews.
  • Use your landline or mobile phone in exceptional cases, because the phone networks are overloaded.
  • Avoid entering your home if you see damage, cut wires, gas or gas leaks.

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