4 people are accused of eight cases of theft

4 people are accused of eight cases of theft
4 people are accused of eight cases of theft

figured out, following a methodical investigation by the Security Department, eight (8) cases of theft and attempted theft in local communities of the Municipality of Tripoli Arcadia.

For these cases, four (4) citizens are accused, a 49-year-old woman, a 49-year-old man, a 17-year-old and a minor, respectively.

In particular, in the context of the thorough police investigation, conducted by the Tripoli Security Department and after an appropriate evaluation and utilization of data, it emerged that the above, during the time period afrom 1.5.2022 until 30.8.2022, in local communities of the Municipality of Tripoli Arcadia, they committed a total of -6- cases of theft in a business, the Holy Temple and warehousesand –2- cases of attempted thefts in a photovoltaic park and warehouse.

From their above criminal activity, they had removed, among other things, copper objects and tools, the total value of which exceeds -6,000- euros, according to their owners.

In a search carried out in their house, a wooden bat, a crowbar, a hatchet, a metal sickle and -2- screwdrivers were found and confiscated.

In addition, it was found that the minors had not issued a police identity card, the 49-year-old was illegally electrifying the house with an illegal connection from the DEDDIE network, while a small amount of cannabis was found and confiscated in his possession.

For the above spontaneous crimes, they were arrested by police officers of the Tripoli Security Department, in cooperation with the Crime Prevention & Suppression Teams (OPKE) and Special Controls of Arcadia.

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Finally, a vehicle was confiscated as a means of committing criminal acts, while part of the stolen items were found and will be returned.

Those arrested will be taken to Mr. Tripoli Criminal Prosecutor, while the police investigation and the preliminary investigation are carried out by the Tripoli Security Department to verify their possible participation in committing similar crimes.

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