Earthquake now: 3.9 Richter in Boeotia

Possible earthquake centering on Thebes it shook among others Attica Saturday morning.

In particular, according to the automatic solution of the Geodynamic Institute, the tremor had a magnitude of 3.9 Richter with a focal depth of five kilometers.

As for the epicenter of the earthquake, the Geodynamics reported that it was 8 kilometers south of Hypatos Boeotia, an area very close to Thebes.

The solution of the Geodynamic Institute:

For its part, the Euro-Mediterranean Institute reports that the tremor has a magnitude of 4.1 on the Richter scale with a focal depth of only 2 kilometers.

Speaking to, Efthymis Lekkas said that the earthquake centered on Thebes does not inspire concern.

“We should not worry about the specific earthquake in Thebes, even though Thebes is an area in which we had an outbreak in the last year and a half. The good thing is that it gets rid of this thing in that particular area, while on the other hand it’s bad because it lasts. Nevertheless, we are watching it”

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