Air Force: The first all-new Rafale is coming – The first two Vipers are in action – Newsbomb – News

Air Force: The first all-new Rafale is coming – The first two Vipers are in action – Newsbomb – News
Air Force: The first all-new Rafale is coming – The first two Vipers are in action – Newsbomb – News

Air Force: In the coming weeks, the first “burst” of the… box will arrive in Tanagra – The first two “vipers” are ready and will go directly to Crete and enter the battles of the Archipelago.

A nervous breakdown that leads to daily delusions is causing the Erdoğan regime armed counterattack by Greecewith the acquisition of state-of-the-art weapon systems, but also the constant readiness shown by the Armed Forces in Evros, the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

While Ankara continues its foolish provocations, with terror violations by TuAF pilots who are frantically pursued by Greek “hawks” and overflights over islets in the eastern Aegean, our Air Force is constantly taking steps towards the future, putting in its quiver the best and most modern fighters of the West.

And the Turks may gloat and scoff at their acquisition Rafale or F-16 Viper from Greece, however, the truth is that the intelligent people in the neighboring country know very well that so much the “gusts” as well as the “vipers” of the Hellenic Air Force they will have no rival in the Archipelago.

The operators of the first six Rafales are constantly logging hours of training over the Greek skies and very soon they will be put on full operational readiness, giving neighbors nightmares. At the same time, preparations are being made at the General Aviation Staff to welcome the first brand new Rafale in September, out of the 12 that our country has ordered. We remind you that its first six French fighters 332 Squadron “Hawk” in Tanagra there are 4 single-seaters and two two-seaters.

According to reports, the official… unboxing of the first all-new Rafale will not take place this month. GEA will wait for the arrival of the other five Rafales we are waiting for until the end of 2022 and then the reception ceremony will take place at the 114th Fighter Wing in Tanagra Boeotia. So in record time, from the moment the Rafale acquisition was agreed and signed, our Air Force puts in its arsenal 12 state-of-the-art 4.5 generation aircraft, which turn the tables on the correlation of forces with Turkey. By 2024, Greece will have 24 war-ready Rafale Rafale, which we remind you will also bring heavy weaponry such as Scalp, Meteor and Exocet missiles.

The first two “vipers” enter operational action

It is not only the acquisition of the powerful French Rafale fighters or the inclusion in the program of the flagship 5th generation fighters, the F-35. The images of the first F-16 Vipers of our Air Force making their first flight in the Greek sky, scanning the entire Aegean with the leading radar and AESA technology and communicating perfectly with the Rafale, caused delirium in Ankara, which rushed then beg Joe Biden to give the Turkish Air Force new F-16s.

Most, trials have been completed and the first two “vipers” are preparing to go into full operational action. When will this happen; Within the next few weeks, with the GEA planning the ceremony to welcome them back into action. In fact, Air Force sources say that the first two Vipers will go to Cretewhere they will be made available to the Military Squadron.

We remind you that this is not a simple modernization of the Greek F-16 Block 52+… we are talking about the most advanced F-16 in the world, with a vertical upgrade of their combat capability, the leading ASPIS self-protection system, electronic systems for simultaneous detection of targets on land , air and sea and of course new weapons that make a difference.

The other program expected to run is that of modernization 38 F-16 block 50 fighters from Fighter Squadrons 341 “VELOS” and 347 “PERSEAS”, which will evolve into F-16 block 50+ adv. Almost all of the quorums provided for in the upgrade plan will come from the 83 F-16 Block52+ and only some additional quorums will need to be purchased. The upgrade process of the F-16 block 50 is expected to begin immediately, with our Air Force itself undertaking the implementation of the demanding program, in collaboration of course with the American manufacturer Lockheed Martin. In fact, the work will be carried out at the 111th Fighter Wing in Aghialos.

So, no matter how much the Turks try to downplay our country’s armed counterattack, the truth is that with 24 Rafale, 20+20 F-35, 83 F-16 Viper, 38 upgraded F-16 Block 50+adv, 25 Mirage 2000-5 and the best NATO pilotsthe Greek Air Force will constantly have a steel shield over the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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