High rents and… few houses in the big “student towns”

High rents and… few houses in the big “student towns”
High rents and… few houses in the big “student towns”

Only 1 in 10 apartments of up to 50 square meters are available for students in Athens for rent of up to 300 euros, according to real estate market agents.

On average, small apartments in the center of Athens range from 400 to 500 euros, in the western suburbs from 350 to 450 euros, in the south from 400 to 500 and in Piraeus from 300 to 400 euros.

In specific areas such as Zografou, for a 35 sq m studio the prices range from 320 to 420 euros, in Exarchia from 350 to 450 euros, in Neos Kosmos from 300 to 500 euros.

As for the binaries, the corresponding prices are as follows:

  • Zografou from 430 to 560 euros,
  • Starting from 420 to 550 euros,
  • New World from 430 to 650 euros.

It is worth noting that in the area of ​​Koukaki there are no registered available apartments of 35 square meters.

The availability is in the two-room apartments where the prices are very close, starting from 530 and reaching up to 930 euros.

In the co-capital, rents for residents (30-45 sqm) start from 220 and reach 550 euros.

In Patras, the prices for apartments up to 25 square meters on average cost 200 to 300 euros, while those of 45 square meters reach up to 500 euros.

It should be noted that these prices are firstly indicative and secondly they concern all kinds of properties, ground floor, basement and in any condition.

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