Elli Tryngou as “Antigone” was applauded again in Patras

Elli Tryngou as “Antigone” was applauded again in Patras
Elli Tryngou as “Antigone” was applauded again in Patras

With the theatrical performance “Antigone” by Sophocles, directed by Cezaris Graužinis and translated by Giorgos Blanas, with Elli Tryngou in the role of Antigone, Vassilis Bispikis as Creon and Ierocles Michaelidis leading the Dance, continued on the evening of Friday, September 2 at the “Dimotiko Summer Theater of Patras” the events of the International Festival for the first month of Autumn.

The audience of Patras for the second time – the performance was staged as part of the Festival for the first time last July – overwhelmed the open-air theater on Ritsou Street and enjoyed a contemporary and topical performance as never before – an adaptation of the Sophoclean anti-war tragedy – with a subversive leading cast .

The moment when the grandfather of the paternal protagonist in Elli Tryngou’s play, accompanied by her father and sister, came to the theater to see his granddaughter on stage was special and particularly moving.

The performance was attended by the president of the Cultural Organization Katerina Geropanagioti, deputy mayors, municipal councilors, presidents of organizations and members of the board of directors in the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patreon.

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