Patras: Party of mice and mosquitoes in a gross plot of land of the Municipality – “they ate” my child! PHOTO

At the time when the Municipality continues the announcements about the gross plots, fearing the fires of September, residents are protesting about the gross plots… of the Municipality.

Like Nikos Panousis from the Psachou area. He lives right next to a plot of land on Karytainis Street which is partly owned by the Municipality as some private individuals are also involved in it. In this case, the proverb applies… “grab the egg and cut it” or in free translation… let the land be uncultivated!

Mr. Panoussis, an educator by profession, has been trying for three years to find a solution! “This year I am on the phones for 3 months” he says to “Peloponnisos”! And he continues: “I reached the deputy mayor Mr. Anastasiou, I did not achieve anything. But I should emphasize that Mrs. Aravantinou from the mayor’s office really made a serious effort. Unfortunately, they did not manage to find out whether the plot belongs to them entirely or not. But a solution must be found. We will burn,” he adds. In addition to the rodents who have a “party” there are also many mosquitoes living in the area! It’s like a swamp! Result; The son of Mr. Panousis lives on a daily basis with such signs (photo).

“I am outraged. I’ll go to the district attorney and then I’ll go into the lot myself and cut them off. The Municipality told me that all summer… there was no machine available. However, it seems that the Municipality’s treasury is working without problems. A document was sent threatening a fine to the owner of a neighboring plot who had also not cleaned it. To themselves they sent it’?

As Mr. Panousis told us, the only action taken by the Municipality was to send a crew for muscle killing a few days ago! The neighborhood was “saved” from the mice. All that’s left now are the swarms of mosquitoes… and the fire!

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