Antonis Kanakis broke out: “1,000-year-old dark perceptions”

Antonis Kanakis broke out: “1,000-year-old dark perceptions”
Antonis Kanakis broke out: “1,000-year-old dark perceptions”

In a post on social media, after the unacceptable statements made by Metropolitan Dodonis about the rapes, which caused reactions, Antonis Kanakis went ahead.

“From people who are known to carry 1,000-year-old dark notions, we hear and will continue to hear worse. The matter is elsewhere. The issue is, why in the year 2022 on the television of supposedly European Greece, are these guests chosen for these important and sensitive issues?” wrote Antonis Kanakis in his Facebook post.

The following is the post made by Antonis Kanakis

However, Antonis Kanakis was not the only one who broke out publicly. And Dimitra Alexandraki, with her video on Instagram, vented her anger regarding what – unacceptable – Metropolitan Dodoni said about the issue of rape.

What Dimitra Alexandraki said

“I said to keep it closed, but I honestly can’t. As a woman, as a man, I can’t. I can’t see a man, who has been anointed a Metropolitan, a representative of God, coming out and saying that they don’t rush you if you don’t want him. You are definitely not a representative of God, because I cannot accept that an 11-year-old girl in Kosovo was raped by five people and this little girl had consent to do what they did to her. Not only this particular little girl, but also many others, millions of women who have been tortured, raped and have never found their right…”, initially stated Dimitra Alexandraki on Instagram.

He added: “The way this man has positioned himself is to me like encouraging rapists. I don’t have anything else to say, because from the moment I saw these statements, only anger has taken hold of me. I hope and wish that such people will not be given a platform again, to say such things in public. They are dangerous and certainly not part of the Christian orthodox, because I have been in churches since I was very young. I have never heard of such things.”

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