Greece-Italy: The evil demon, Galis and Albertis – Basketball – Eurobasket

Greece-Italy: The evil demon, Galis and Albertis – Basketball – Eurobasket
Greece-Italy: The evil demon, Galis and Albertis – Basketball – Eurobasket

A couple with a history that begins in 1951 in Eurobasket compose Greece and Italy. Tonight is their 13th meeting in the tournament, with the “Azzuri” having the upper hand with eight wins against the National team’s four.

The most recent official meeting between the two teams was nine years ago (2013), at the Eurobasket in Slovenia, and the experience was traumatic for the Greek team, as they lost 81-72 in the first round, in Koper.

Ten years earlier, the 2003 in Eurobasket Sweden, things were even worse. Although Greece reached the quarterfinals with three wins in as many matches, they were defeated 62-59 by Italy in the quarterfinals and the dream ended early.

Two years ago, the 2001 in Antalya, the National Team had won 83-82 with his three-pointer Francis Albertis in exhalation the game of the premiere of Eurobasket.

The most pleasant Greek memory in the matches with Italy is from his Eurobasket 1987. At that time, the National team won 90-78 in the quarter-finals with his 38 points Nikos Galis and 22 by Panagiotis Giannakis, against an opponent that until then had NEVER won in its history (!) in an official match and which was first and undefeated in the group stage. After the match, the “gangster” had uttered the historic remark “… it is my happiest moment with the National team until the next game».

The 67-61 victory over Italy at the Eurobasket in Athens was also decisive 1995. At that time, the Greek team, with Makis Dendrinos on the bench, had lost to Serbia and Lithuania in the first two matches of the group and had their backs against the wall, but with 18 points from Fanis Christodoulou, they had a hard time winning against the young man’s team at the time Ettore Messina.

The most recent meeting between the two teams was at “Acropolis” on 2019with the National team crushing Italy 83-63 with 18 points from Giannis Antetokounmpo.

In total, Greece counts in 54 matches 24 wins against the Italians’ 30. In 12 matches at Eurobasket level, the “score” is 4-8. The prehistory in detail:

08/05/1951-Paris (Eurobasket): 51-64
24/04/1952-Milan (Friendly): 34-25
04/10/1967-Tambere (Eurobasket): 58-74
03/05/1972-Arnhem (Prelim. Tournament): 62-70
27/09/1973-Barcelona (Eurobasket): 54-59
22/05/1974-Glyfada (Cup of Nations): 59-75
06/02/1974-Vinenza (Cup of Nations): 53-59
06/09/1979-Torino (Eurobasket 1979): 52-81
20/05/1983-Torino (Friendly): 66-94
28/05/1983-Limoze (Eurobasket): 83-108
14/06/1986-Cazerta (Friendly): 78-93
19/06/1986-Piraeus (Friendly): 91-93
29/05/1987-Reggio (Friendly): 95-109
10/06/1987-Piraeus (Eurobasket): 90-78
06/05/1988-Piraeus (Friendly): 80-73
11/06/1988-Bologna (Friendly): 75-90
07/08/1988-Rotterdam (Prelim. Tournament): 91-88
27/05/1989-The Hague (Friendly): 108-110
06/05/1989-Piraeus (Friendly): 93-80
15/07/1990-Bormio (Friendly): 80-81
09/06/1991-Piraeus (Friendly): 78-102
24/06/1991-Rome (Eurobasket): 72-82
05/29/1992-Trieste (Friendly): 85-89
10/06/1992-Piraeus (Friendly): 75-65
24/06/1993-Karlsruhe (Eurobasket): 88-73
02/07/1994-Bologna (Friendly): 69-95
16/07/1994-Piraeus (Friendly): 80-62
27/12/1994-N. Smyrna (Friendly): 65-63
28/12/1994-N. Smyrna (Friendly): 69-64
23/06/1995-Athens (Eurobasket): 67-61
07/06/1996-Athens (Friendly): 71-49
14/06/1997-Athens (Friendly): 77-84
30/07/1998-Athens (Mundobasket): 64-56
09/06/1999-Piraeus (Friendly): 77-53
21/08/2001-Maroussi (Friendly): 66-70
31/08/2001-Antalya (Eurobasket): 83-82
14/06/2002-Maroussi (Friendly): 64-66
22/06/2002-Alasio (Friendly): 77-78
13/08/2003-Vareze (Friendly): 80-59
11/09/2003-Stockholm (Eurobasket): 59-62
15/07/2004-Bormio (Friendly): 74-78
27/07/2004-Glyfada (Friendly): 70-71
21/08/2005-San Giorgio (Friendly): 96-98
07/09/2005-Athens (Friendly): 82-76
01/08/2006-Marousi (Friendly): 70-63
21/08/2007-Maroussi (Friendly): 72-62
30/08/2007-Rome (Friendly): 73-52
05/08/2011-Nicosia (Friendly): 76-70
14/08/2011-Rimini (Friendly): 73-82
25/08/2011-Maroussi (Friendly): 81-82
29/08/2013-Marousi (Friendly): 79-65
08/09/2013-Koper (Eurobasket): 72-81
24/08/2017-Marousi (Friendly) 73-70
16/08/2019-Marousi (Friendly) 83-63

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