Thessaloniki: Reduced by 30% traffic in the focus

Thessaloniki: Reduced by 30% traffic in the focus
Thessaloniki: Reduced by 30% traffic in the focus

The people of Thessaloniki have limited going out and consumption in the summer – What are the restaurant people afraid of in the winter?

Summer may have said goodbye to us too fund for the summer period from the catering people to be done in the days we are passing through, however as everything shows only as deficient regarding the movementbut also him turnover seems to be characterized.

Although according to the common confession of the restaurateurs, the tourists gave a boost to the cafes and restaurants of the city center, however they did not manage to save the… batch for the catering of Thessaloniki.

The amount of tourists’ receipts was often lowwhile the tourists coming from the cruise ships seem to have, for the most part, turned their backs on the cafes and restaurants of Thessaloniki.

“Tourists only helped the city center, yet the evidence was low. Regarding the people of Thessaloniki, it is estimated that the traffic was reduced compared to 2019, which was the last normal year before the coronavirus, by 30%. Last year the picture was clearly better as people, after the forced confinement due to the pandemic, and the insecurity they felt, wanted to go out. Last year’s traffic almost reached that of 2019. This year things are different. General accuracy worries the citizen, who inevitably cuts what he can cut. The night traffic was even more limited,” notes, general secretary of the Association of Restaurateurs, Grillers and Cafe-Bars of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, Michalis Epitropidis underlining that the lion’s share of bars – clubs in Ladadika in the summer worked on Fridays and Saturdays as there was not enough traffic on weekdays for their owners to open their businesses.

Some Thessalonians even preferred to spend their financial “reserve” on short-day vacations, thus avoiding many outings, while others chose to go out for a drink but sparingly. Instead of two, three drinks they drank one, or reduced the portions they ordered at restaurants in an effort to save money.

What is certain is that the insecurity caused by the accuracy and the frantic rally of energy prices will accompany the people of Thessaloniki in the winter, which makes people in the restaurant industry particularly worried, who are suffering from increased costs and reduced turnover. As a result, they are especially afraid of what will happen in the winter and how they will manage to keep their businesses alive.

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