Thanasis Papadopoulos keynote speaker at this year’s Holocaust events in Hortiatis

Thanasis Papadopoulos keynote speaker at this year’s Holocaust events in Hortiatis
Thanasis Papadopoulos keynote speaker at this year’s Holocaust events in Hortiatis

The keynote speaker at this year’s events for the 78th anniversary of the Hortiatis Holocaust was the Mayor of Kalavryta and President of the Network of Martyr Towns and Villages “Greek Holocausts” Thanasis Papadopoulos.

The events organized by the Municipality of Pylaia-Hortiatis culminated on Friday morning with the celebration of the High Priestly Memorial in the Holy Church of Agios Georgios Hortiatis by the Metropolitan of Neapolis and Stavroupolis, His Excellency. Barnabas, transition and procession to the Holocaust Victims’ Memorial, Trisagio, speech, invocation of the dead and laying of wreaths.

During his speech, the Mayor of Kalavryton, Mr. Papadopoulos, referred extensively to the chronicle of the dramatic events of September 2, 1944. Pointing out, among other things, that “if we are here today, if we are rejoicing in the good of a free homeland and an open and democratic society, this we also owe it to the 149 heroes of Hortiatis. Their memory is eternal, their example high and immeasurable”.

Earlier, Mr. Papadopoulos had referred to the ties that connect the residents of all the member regions of the Martyrdom Cities and Villages Network of the country. Shared memories, shared experiences, shared narratives and descriptions.

“We have seen the signs of the disaster. We have experienced in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our surroundings the human loss, the mourning and the pain left behind by barbarism. And, of course, we have a frontispiece and a compass in life and in our everyday life the verb ‘I remember’. I remember 365 days a year, I honor the memory and the struggle of our heroes”, underlined Mr. Papadopoulos.

Also, during his speech he made reference to the major issue of German debts. Focusing, among other things, on the position of the German side which continues, as he noted, to disavow its responsibilities and pretentiously and unsubstantiatedly consider the issue of debts legally over.

Mr. Papadopoulos underlined that the issue of the German debts not only remains open but also from a legal point of view it is active, it is judicially pursueable and not time-barred. And on the occasion of the recent positions in Athens – at the end of July – of the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Burbock, she pointed out, among other things, that “we must persist, intensify our efforts in every field, political, legal and diplomatic, until we fulfill the national and non-negotiable goal of paying off German debts. The road is ahead of us. And he’s on our side. Otherwise, the issue of German debts would not have remained alive, active and increasingly pressing for many decades.”

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