Creepy images from an ossuary-dump in Crete

The images from the ossuary of the holy church of Agios Georgios in Fodele of Crete.

As it conveys the neakriti.grThis is a disrespectful and at the same time macabre spectacleas the ossuary is located in an open and easily accessible area.

The specific ossuary behind the hero of the temple, has the form of a small church and its construction is placed in time when the temple was built, for the purpose of placing bones, when an exhumation was made from the village cemetery.

In fact, in later years, believers allegedly placed plastic wreaths in the specific area, which were used during the Divine Worship in the holy churches of the parish.


Today, the images only bring shame, with bones from various body parts piled forlornly next to plastic wreaths and black bags, which had apparently been exhumed, unlocked and unguarded. According to the same sources, the specific tactic it has been discontinued for 40 years and now the parishioners open this “informal” ossuary, in order to light a candle for the souls of their ancestors.

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