Elefsina Shipyards: An important ideological victory

Elefsina Shipyards: An important ideological victory
Elefsina Shipyards: An important ideological victory

Saturday, September 3, 2022, 00:00

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Who would disagree that the reopening of the Elefsina shipyards is a great political victory for the government in a difficult period. It was not only that the official opposition was forced to vote in favor of the relevant bill, as Adonis Georgiadis had requested right from the beginning, who together with Nikos Papathanasis bore the entire weight of this case.

The catalyst and determining factor was the consent of the workers to reopen the shipyards, a consent expressed by the “yes” of 598 workers out of 600. Yesterday, when the Prime Minister visited the site the workers told him that he had saved 600 families. What better could a prime minister hear after almost 3.5 years of government.

This attitude of the employees gives another dimension to this great success. The ideological dimension. Until now the workers or those who pretended to represent them, the professional cadres of the parties of the Left were categorically negative to anything that had to do with privatization. For almost 50 years unions have been closing businesses. Today the union of the shipyards of Elefsina came forward to reopen the business.

They didn’t suddenly become liberals. They didn’t get any reward. They simply saw that in the shipyards of Syros not only all jobs were saved, but also recruitment began, because the private businessman invested and opened the jobs. That is, they realized that more jobs bring better wages and new jobs. And all this, because the shipyards in Syros passed into the hands of a private person.

Let’s not think that everyone becomes ideologically conscious by reading books. Life itself shows them where their interest is, under what conditions their own life will improve and they decide. When the situations speak for themselves then the instructors of the Left do not find listening ears. Everyone turns their backs on them. How do we think 598-2 was formed! We said the Left thrives where there is pain and misery and that is why it has had as its motto for almost 100 years “the worse, the better”.

Mrs. E. Ahtsioglou said bluntly, cynically, that normality does not benefit the Left. But in front of the will of 598 and SYRIZA was forced to vote in favor of the government bill. He was forced to accept normality.

The point is for New Democracy to perceive the ideological dimension of this great success of the Ministry of Development and draw their own conclusions. In other words, to realize that when employees see convincing and structured solutions in front of them, when they see that there is a plan, they do not deal with their professional guides. They put them aside. 598-2, that says it all.

But for there to be a plan and convincing solutions, hard work is required by ministers and their partners. In order to reach yesterday’s day at the shipyards of Elefsina, many and complex problems had to be solved. Some got involved and solved them. Nothing is a coincidence.

In conclusion, the center-right played ball away from home and won after many, many years. As long as this important ideological victory continues.

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