Vouliagmenis Avenue: Car accident with 3 injured in Vouliagmenis

A severe collision between 3 vehicles occurred late last night in Vouliagmeni avenuewith the result that the drivers of the vehicles are injured.

Everything happened shortly after midnight, when the 3 cars collided on the side street of Vouliagmeni Avenue, at the junction with Kalymnos, at her height Voulas.


THE first driver, moving upstream towards Poseidonos avenuefor an as yet unknown reason lost control of his car and collided with the other two vehicles.

The collision was so severe that one vehicle overturned while the engine of the second vehicle thrown onto the pavement.

To the point Traffic police cars rusheds that interrupted the traffic and 4 Fire Department vehicles with 9 firefighters who managed to break free after an hour the drivers.

According to reports, the two drivers were more seriously injured and were transported by EKAV ambulance to the CAT hospital, while the other driver was slightly injured.

News today:

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