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Welcome banner at the statue of Venizelos – Platforms at Iroos

Preparations are progressing feverishly for the arrival of the icon of the Virgin of Axion Estin in Komotini. In addition to the cleaning and beautification that has been carried out recently, platforms and banners that will be used on the day of the reception have also begun to be set up.

As is known, the icon will arrive in our city on Tuesday afternoon, at the entrance of the city in front of the statue of Venizelos, with the procession continuing throughout the city and arriving at the hero, where the official reception will take place.

So already in the area in front of the statue, where the icon will arrive, a welcome banner has been hung, while the platforms for the icon and the officials have already been placed in the Hero of the city.

Preparations continue, with the aim of having everything ready by Tuesday afternoon, although we expect, since we are in Greece, that these will continue until the last moment.

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