Larissa: Back to normal with Pazari, Park of Wishes and Agrothessaly

Larissa: Back to normal with Pazari, Park of Wishes and Agrothessaly
Larissa: Back to normal with Pazari, Park of Wishes and Agrothessaly

In the Municipality of Larissa the machines have already stepped forward for a series of events in all aspects of social life

By Yiannis Andreakis

The summer that just ended on the calendar was characterized by the end of restrictive measures due to the pandemic and this has now led to a return to social normality…

It is characteristic that many events have been held in our region in recent months with the presence of up to thousands of participants, which demonstrates that fellow citizens have returned en masse after the two years that were stigmatized by the spread of the coronavirus.

At the same time, the new situation that has formed requires the resumption of all those events that were suspended from 2020 onwards…

As far as the Municipality of Larissa is concerned, the machines have already come forward for a series of events in all aspects of social life, while the Larissa Bazaar, the Park of Wishes for the Christmas-New Year festive period, as well as Agrothessaly stand out in planning which is timed at the end of February 2023.

What happened in the last months?

The dynamics of the city, as well as the willingness of the citizens to participate, were recorded already in mid-July when the Wine Festival took place. It is emphasized that this was the first large and massive event that developed in the city after the long and particularly difficult period of the pandemic and restrictive measures.

The global flooding that occurred daily and for a four-day period in the Pinios river bed, as well as the positive energy transmitted by the festival events, marked the return to social life after the two years marked by the lockdowns.

Recently, the great success of the excellent organization of the Girls’ World Polo Championship (U16) took place at the Nea Politias Municipal Swimming Pool. This specific sporting event once again confirmed the dynamics and potential of the city.

Lots of people in Nea Politia, full stands at the Greek National Girls’ competitions, effective cooperation of all involved local authorities and bodies (Municipality, Region, Greek Police, volunteer groups, etc.) with the World Federation and the Greek Swimming Federation. The general atmosphere was reflected in the happy faces of the female athletes who represented 13 national teams, as well as in their relatives who were in the city for a week. It was undeniably a very important event in which overall the city of Larissa did exceptionally well.

Events for Hippocrates

Now the start of September is combined with the city’s events for Hippocrates, the founder of Medicine who was born in Kos and died in Larissa, after having lived in the area for years.

For seven years, a systematic effort has been made again with the cooperation of authorities and agencies to highlight the relationship that Larissa has with Hippocrates and to further promote the Hippocratic idea.

It is clear that these are events of a different style and orientation that are not aimed at the masses, but are aimed at a special audience with specific characteristics. The organization has placed at the forefront the promotion of Larissa, inside and outside Greece, as an Equestrian city. It is mainly addressed to doctors, health workers, followers of the Hippocratic idea and perception, nature lovers, etc.

This year the context of the events, which will take place from today Friday to Sunday, includes the twinning of the Municipality of Larissa with the Municipality of Kos, as well as the realization of the 1u of the Hippocratic Medical Congress from the Department of Medicine of the University of Thessaly. It is noted that the Medical School of Larissa has played a key and pivotal role in the collective effort of the city. The events will culminate tomorrow Saturday at Mylos tou Pappa with the established cultural event which for this year has as its focus the presentation of the work created by the composer Dimitris Maramis “”Namata and Iamata (Symphonic Odes for Iasi)”.

It is noted that the events are held with the support and cooperation of the Municipality of Larissa, the Region of Thessaly, the Department of Medicine of the University of Thessaly, the “Hippocrates in Larissa” Association, the Panhellenic Medical Association, the Larissa Medical Association, the World Hippocratic Institute of Physicians and the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos.


At the end of September, Larissa will move again – after two years of absence – to the rhythms of Pazari. The procedures have been launched and now the countdown has started until September 24, the opening day of one of the biggest bazaars in the country. On the evening of the previous day, Friday September 23, the usual opening concert with Melina Aslanidou will take place.

The organization of the Bazaar also means significant income for the Municipality of Larissa. A particularly critical factor in the extremely difficult economic environment.

International Conference

At the beginning of November, his international conference will be held in Larissa Major Cities of Europe Networkfrom 2 – 4 November 2022.

The Conference is organized by the European Network and the Municipality of Larissa, with the support of the Region of Thessaly and KEDE.

The Conference will take place live and is expected to be attended by more than 300 present participants, mainly elected officials, Regional Governors, Mayors and General Secretaries, as well as OTA officials involved in planning and development, representatives of high-tech companies, who will present innovative proposals leading to smartcities solutions, representatives of academics and other research bodies involved in European programs on research and development of digital solutions and those generally interested in the digital transformation of cities.

Park of Wishes

During the Christmas and New Year period, the Park of Wishes returns. In the hope of a beautiful festive season, preparations have already begun regarding the operation of the Park. During the years of the pandemic, the Municipality of Larissa chose festive lighting in the Alcazar, so that, given the restrictive measures, fellow citizens would be able to move in a different environment. This year, however, the activities and games are back, offering joy to young and old. There are thoughts about changes compared to the past, while the first procedures in the Municipality have started to run. Details have not been made known. This may mean that several factors for the size of this year’s Park of Wishes event are related to the general situation that will prevail in the country in the coming months and mainly in relation to energy, the course of the economy, etc.


The next big event is Agrothessaly, the big trade show for the primary sector. Agrothessaly is the successful project of the cooperation of the Municipality of Larissa with TIF Helexpo.

The exhibition was held for the first time in 2017 and followed in 2019, before the pandemic period. The two events were crowned with great success and participation exceeding 40,000 visits to each exhibition. Undoubtedly, they were recorded as important events, which the city of Larissa is waiting for again.

Agrothessaly will take place at the end of February 2023, with TIF Helexpo executives having concentrated in recent months, meetings and meetings at the Town Hall.


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