A “city” of cases in P.E. Larisa

The summer may be over, but what will hardly go away is the story of the coronavirus that has been plaguing the global community since the middle of 2020. Mutations follow one another and measures come and go, but without substantial results in many cases. Both the number of cases and the number of deaths continue to grow, as does everyone’s concern about the future. In fact, this concern becomes even greater if one considers the normal and necessary for mental health, relaxation with which most people moved during the summer holidays. THE Larissanet on the occasion of the return of the citizens from the holidays, he makes a comprehensive record of the data.

The first important note on the topic of cases is the number as the Regional Unit of Larissa has exceeded 120,000 since they began to be recorded (end of 2020 until today) by EODY. In fact, last month, July, was one of the worst during the entire pandemic in Larissa, according to the data of Larissanet.

In Greece so far we count 4.71 million cases, while 32,335 deaths have also been recorded. At the same time in the rest of the world 601 million cases and 6.49 million deaths.

The US, with 94,184,146 cases and 1,043,838 deaths due to the infection caused by the virus, remains the state in the world that has suffered by far the heaviest blow from the pandemic. They account for almost 16% of both cases and deaths. It is the first and only country to date that has surpassed 1 million deaths from COVID-19.

Mutations and schools

Also notable are the consecutive mutations that are constantly occurring. The latest is the “Centaur” mutation and the symptoms are high fever, cough for the first 24 hours and the rest of the symptoms are the same as characteristically emphasized by the president of EINAP, Mrs. Matina Pagonis in her statements a few days ago on the Mega channel.

The concern of both experts and parents as well as educators is great about how schools will start. Everyone is focusing on what will be the best way to protect both children and their families from the possibility of new infections.

“With the data we have so far, cases, indicators, everything, I think that children cannot go to school with masks, when everyone is walking around without a mask, and they also went on vacation without masks and measures. It will be a mockery. There will be a bubble there, i.e. a certain number in the classes, and the teachers and professors did a good job, with care in the schools they followed the protocols” added Ms. Pagoni and suggested “All mothers should do a self-test on their children, for to know how to send them. This will help a lot. I think they can go without masks with the current data” he said.

Th. Vasilakopoulos is optimistic

The professor of Pulmonology presented himself as optimistic about the future Theodoros Vasilakopoulos speaking to ERT, “I have the feeling that we will have a very good September in terms of the epidemic. There is no strain internationally that shows that it prevails. The “Centaur” variant, where it has appeared, has prevailed only in India”.

Mr. Vassilakopoulos underlined that at the moment the immunity level for the coronavirus in the country is high, due to the rate of vaccinations and diseases, much higher than in the USA”.

Referring to the US model for schools, where they open them completely freely and take additional measures only in the states where there is a problem, he estimates that in our country too “in the future we have to deal with the pandemic locally. To take more measures – additional tests, expanded use of masks – in the areas where there has been a greater problem for some time.

“There will be no need for horizontal measures against the coronavirus in the future,” he estimated.

The course of vaccinations

Throughout Greece until Monday, August 29, the data on vaccinations were as follows:

1,322,162 vaccinations have been carried out

7,925,604 vaccinations with at least 1 dose have been performed

7,635,362 completed vaccinations have been carried out

6,338,444 booster vaccinations

At Larissa the data are as follows:

487,822 vaccinations have been carried out

182,512 vaccinations with at least 1 dose have been carried out

173,630 completed vaccinations have been carried out

141,964 booster vaccinations.


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