Show by Akar: He flew a Turkish fighter over the northern Aegean

The Turkish Defense Minister put on a new show, Hulusi Akarafter his inflammatory statements about Greece. Wearing flight form throw me away Turkish F-16 above the north Aegean.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense also published a related video on its official Twitter account, writing: “Hulusi Akar greeted the Martyrs’ Memorial of Canakkale, and sent a message via radio:

“We will try to be worthy of all our witnesses, especially of our witnesses who lie in the Canakkaleand we will continue our struggle with the spirit of Canakkale””.

It is noted that the Canakkale Martyrs’ Monument is a war monument in memory of the dead, but also of the personal sacrifices of approx. 253,000 Turks of soldiers who took part in Battle of Gallipolifrom April 1915 to December 1915, during World War I.

“We will continue to respond to the insolence of Greece”

Earlier, Mr. Akar stated that the NATO he should see them actions and the rhetoric of Greecewhich are inconsistent with friendship or the allied spirit.

In fact, he stated that Ankara is watching closely the actions of Greece, which violate the international law, according to Anadolu, while noted that “it will let’s continue to we answer in insolence of Greece”.

Hulusi Akar’s incendiary statements came at a time when Turkey is preparing to send to its General Secretariat NATO and the Ministries of Defense of the member countries of the Alliance, files from its radars, from which it emerges, as Ankara claims, the harassment of Turkish fighters F-16 who operated flights in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean from the anti-missile system S-300 of Greece.

THE Anchor, accuses Athens of a “hostile act” and speaks of violations of Turkish airspace and harassment by Greek aircraft.

Turkish sources claim that the harassment from the Greek side they continue both in air space as well as Turkish territorial sea which have been violated 33 times.

The Turkish leaks for “locking” of Turkish F-16s by Greek S-300s were categorically denied from the first moment by sources of the Greek Ministry of Defense, attributing these new challenges to its propaganda Ankara but also in an effort to cultivate impressions at home and abroad.

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