The time of “BLACHAKS”: The “killers” Exocet block 3 nightmare for the Turkish fleet

The time of “BLACHAKS”: The “killers” Exocet block 3 nightmare for the Turkish fleet
The time of “BLACHAKS”: The “killers” Exocet block 3 nightmare for the Turkish fleet

Even inside October if the tasks “run” with intensive pace expected according to his information Newpost to hold the official ceremony of naming and joining the Fleet of the 7th “ROUSSEN” class Missile (Super Vita) which will be named after officer hero of the Lieutenant Commander Panagiotis Vlahakou. The Guided Missile Fast Patrol as actually stated by the Navy the Prime Minister did not miss the opportunity to visit in the morning Kyriakos Mitsotakiss at the pier of the Skaramangas shipyards. The relevant images show that the Rocket launcher is in the final stages of work, all the basics systems they have placed on the ship so that the Countdown-finally since already the delay more than two years – for its receipt by the Navy, its inclusion in the strength of the Fleet and the operational utilization of.

Just like it happened with her 6th Super Vita of the Navy TPKB “KARATHANASIS» so with it “BLACHAKOS» the process will be exactly the same. In the coming weeks, the sea trials of all the ship’s systems and their scrutiny by the Navy officers which will give the “green” light for his joining the Fleet. Almost all of it is already on the “VLACHAKOS” Missile intended crew which will take the ship out of the yard in order to carry out the prescribed tests. Which concern both the mechanical as well as the electronic systems of rocketry as well as of course armament of. The experience from “KARATHANASIS” indicated that they will be required interventions and corrections in order for everything at the end of the tests to work perfectly before the competent Executives put their signature to formally pass the ship to the Navy.

The delivery of Pyravlakato will without a doubt be one important “breath” for Fleet which is in dire need of new modern Units in order to respond to big challenges which he is called upon to face. Especially when it comes to for ship which will carry on it the most powerful surface-to-surface missile, Exocet block 3. Problem which is the biggest nightmare of TUrcian fleet since its range exceeds 180 km while possessing enormous potential targeting even for coastal targets. The 8 Exocet block 3 he will have in his arsenal the Missile “VLACHAKOS” they come to be added to the remaining Exocet block 2 and block 3 of the six Vosper which are already operating. Turning the Speedboat Force into a mighty strike force since apart from the “ROUSSEN” it also has the oldest but particularly reliable Rockets La Combattante IIIA and IIIB.

The Rocket Class “ROUSSEN” Except from “killers” Exocet they have the anti-missile system CIWS GLMS RAM which it carries 21 guided missiles , 76mm Super Rapido Oto Breda gun two smaller guns 30mm Auto Breda while he can develop a speed that surpasses them 35 knots.

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