Jenny, We Will Win – At the Avaton Theater

Jenny, We Will Win – At the Avaton Theater
Jenny, We Will Win – At the Avaton Theater

26 years old. Unemployed. With dreams. We all know what it’s like to be Jenny. The surreal situations, the difficulties, the wrong relationships, our own self that leads us to a dead end… But is all this a test? And how do you earn it?

Or better yet, are you fit to win? A comedy inspired by true events, for all those souls who are still struggling to find their way in life, with friendship as their only ally.

The text “Jenny, we will win” was written under the influence of many factors and events of the simple everyday life of people who fight in pursuit of what their soul tells them, with the corresponding price of course. Images behind half-opened house doors, half-eaten dreams, messages undelivered or never sent, fears of the known, fears of the unknown, broken relationships, the warm color of success when you finally do one thing right.

Right for you. We tried to convey all the nuances of this work in a light and comical way as it happens in life. Only when it happens we ignore the comical element and rush to mourn. What if we circled the joke of a situation and painted a different reaction?

How would our lives change if we laughed a little more? Scenes cut from the present are transferred for a few minutes on stage with a different look, a look that flirts with light and darkness, with optimism and impasse, with hidden smiles and anger. How do we experience each of our emotions? And most importantly.. are we talking to our people? Who are they; The people who are by our side throughout this crazy journey.. our people..

Directed by: Christianna Marioli

Text: Danai Moscholea / Participation: Katerina Alexiou

Photos: Panos Astor Koffas

Sets/Costumes: UinParenthesis

Lighting: Christianna Marioli

Song: Katerina Alexiou

Music Editing: Anna Abrahamian

Poster design: Christina Lambri

Starring (in alphabetical order): Anna Abrahamian, Christianna Marioli, Danae Moscholea

Theatre: Avaton (3 Eupatridon Street, Athens 118 54)

Days: Every Friday and Saturday from 23/9 – 8/10

Time: 21:00

Duration: 70 minutes

Ticket price: 10 euros

Tickets on sale:

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