Italy – Estonia: Fontekio, finito and now Greece (videos)

Mail to Milan: Giannis Rammas/ [email protected]

As soon as this 24 hours is completed, only one of the two will continue unbeaten in the group hosted in the Italian north, with the background of the “crosses” in the “16” stage in Berlin (the top four teams from each group qualify in Milan) , Cologne, Prague & Tbilisi).

Race evolution:

The three tied scores at 2′ (2-2), 6′ (10-10) and 8′ (15-15) were the closest Estonia came to taking the lead. Italy held the lead throughout the rest of the game, with their first double-digit lead at 30-20 at 12′ up to 19 points in the first half (52-33 at 20′ from 40-33 at 17′).

The streak continued until 15-0 on the way back from the locker room, the difference exceeded 20 points (55-33 at 21′) and since then all that remained was how many he would end up with. After all, another difference, that of the potential between the two teams, was known from the beginning and evident on the court. Finally the maximum value was noted at 67-44 at 27′.

Key players:

Simone Fontecchio scored 3/3 3-pointers in just over a minute in the second period (40-31 & 43-31 at 17′, 46-33 at 18′) and simplified things for his teammates. From 17 points on 5/7 3-pointers in the first half, he finished with 19 points on 2/2 2-pointers, 5/8 3-pointers, while also having 2 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 turnovers in 24:09.

Excellent first half from Achile Polonnaras as well (10-7-4 in the first half)while Nikolo Meli took action afterwards (11p. in the 3rd c.).

Where was it judged?:

The way the first half ended determined the outcome of the rest of the game. Italy had psychology and a platform, Estonia was honorable, but that was it.

The ten minutes: 21-18, 52-33, 69-52, 83-62

EUROBASKETBALL 2022 (1-18/9)

GROUP III (Mediolanum Forum, Milan)

1st Competition
Ukraine-Great Britain 90-61
Croatian-Hellas 85-89
Italy-Estonia 83-62

1. Ukraine 1-0
2. Italy 1-0
3. Greece 1-0
4. Croatia 0-1
5. Estonia 0-1
6. Great Britain 0-1

2nd Competition
Great Britain-Croatia 3/9 15:15 ERT3
Estonia-Ukraine 3/9 18:00 ERT1
Greece-Italy 3/9 22:00 ERT1

Photo credit: FIBA

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