“We won in ’22, that doesn’t change”

“We won in ’22, that doesn’t change”
“We won in ’22, that doesn’t change”

Turkey maintains its incendiary tone, which indulges in continuous statements that indicate brazenness and a willingness to revive the hostile feelings of the past. Despite the fact that the NATO proceeded, in the previous 24 hours and after the deletion of the “congratulations”, in a new post, in which he wrote that Turkey is a long-time ally, the Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, made new challenges.

NATO’s deletion of the tweet at Greece’s baseless request damages NATO’s identity and prestige” says the Turkish Ministry of Defense while speaking of “spoiled Greece”.

In particular, the Turkish Ministry of Defense supports the following while messing with NATO: “It is unacceptable for NATO Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) to delete the social media post on August 30 and Turkish Armed Forces Victory Day, giving in to a selfish and spoiled attitude of another NATO member».

The deletion of the Victory Day message, which was not a problem, nor had any reaction been expressed for years, based on the demand of a country that does not hesitate to sabotage even NATO missions by locking up one of our aircraft, defames the identity and the prestige of NATO. Whether it is written or not, the fact that we won in 1922 cannot be changed,” the Twitter post continues.

NATO: Explanations after the “congratulations” to Turkey for the Asia Minor Disaster

In a post explaining, focusing on military cooperation with Ankara, NATO’s Land Forces Command advanced on Thursday, 24 hours after it took down the congrats post for the Asia Minor disaster.

On Tuesday, LANDCOM congratulated our ally, Turkey, on the National Armed Forces Day. We are grateful that Turkey hosts our base on its soil. We also thank all 30 members of the Alliance for their contribution. United we are stronger!“, the new post of the NATO administration.

It is recalled that at midday on Wednesday, Greece proceeded with a strict protest march to the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg after the post of the NATO Land Forces Headquarters, which is based in Izmir, regarding the day of the Turkish armed forces.

The NATO headquarters in Izmir congratulates Turkey on the national holiday of August 30, which essentially commemorates – by the neighbor – the victory of the Turkish army over the Greek forces in the battle of Dublupinar in 1922 in Asia Minor” was mentioned, among other things, in the post.

But then the congratulatory post made by NATO to Turkey for “Victory Day” was downloaded.

Erdoğan’s delirium

With derogatory words against Greece, Tayyip Erdogan spoke again, speaking to journalists, after the Friday prayer.

The Turkish president was asked about the “folding” done by NATO, with the posting of the Land Forces Command for the Asia Minor Disaster.

“NATO was maneuvering, as it always does. He deleted the original post and stated that Greece is a separate power along with Turkey. This is already an issue for usErdogan said initially.

And he continued: “Greece’s discomfort does not weaken Turkey-NATO relations. A NATO without Turkey is unthinkable. Greece has no value in NATO. If there is Turkey, NATO is strong, if there is no Turkey, NATO is weak.”

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