New heat wave in the country, the dates

New heat wave in the country, the dates
New heat wave in the country, the dates

At Thessaloniki we will have sun in the morning, while towards noon we will have clouds in the mountains. The temperature from 20 to 30 degrees.

Her Sunday we will have summer everywhere and some clouds will approach from the NW and in the early hours of Monday we will have local rains and phenomena in northern Greece. Their temperature is 31-32 degrees.

THE Monday but it needs a lot of attention as we will have strong phenomena in northern Greece, Macedonia and Thessaly. The temperature from 25 to 28 degrees, but 32 in the west.

Her Tuesday the weather will improve and there is the possibility of local phenomena in the mountains of Thessaly and Macedonia and the winds will strengthen more. The temperature at 26 in the mainland, at 32 in the west

Her Wednesday we will only have sun and a strong northerly. The temperature is at the same level as Tuesday.

However, according to Sakis Arnautoglou, a cold front from the north will cool down in the east of the country and warmer masses from the west will pass over our country after September 9. We will have heat until 11/9.

Detailed weather report from Sakis Arnautoglou


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