The Nursery Schools of Larissa have opened

The Nursery Schools of Larissa have opened
The Nursery Schools of Larissa have opened

Yesterday, the doors of the Municipal Kindergartens of Larisa were opened for the staff who are feverishly preparing to welcome the little guests.

The director of Kindergartens and Educational Activities, Mrs. Stavroula Baxevanou, speaking to “E”, noted that since yesterday, when the final results of the voucher recipients were announced, there has been a large turnout and for this reason, the 10th, 5th, 15th and 6th Kindergartens were designated as venues receipt of vouchers. “This year we were surprised that we have a lot of interest from beneficiaries who had not pre-registered at the Municipal Kindergartens.
Vacancies were sold out in almost a day. We estimate that the number of children who will be accommodated in the Municipal Children’s Centers amounts to approximately 1,800. We, for our part, will do everything to continue to offer our children, the children of the city, the best services and programs. Feeding the children, pediatric screening, traffic education and swimming programs are high on our priority list for this year as well. Programs are flexible, taking into account the uniqueness, interests and needs of children. They provide them with opportunities to socialize, express their ideas and feelings in a variety of ways, such as play, theater, movement, music. Also, we have made sure that the Kindergartens are staffed with scientifically qualified, pedagogical staff and with the required competent and experienced auxiliary staff” he says characteristically.
From the Monday when the Kindergartens officially start their operation, the fortnight-long adaptation period for the children who cross the threshold of the kindergartens for the first time also begins. In the first week, the adaptation time is set at three hours and gradually increases in the second week.
“The biggest concern of parents, especially mothers, is how their integration and adaptation will take place and how the first ‘separation’ will take place. But everything will go smoothly if the parents themselves are properly prepared. Their psychology is the most important part for the smooth adjustment of children. All fears and anxieties should not be apparent to children.
The child’s crying and refusal to go to the Kindergarten is something very common, especially in the first days. With proper treatment and cooperation with the staff of the Children’s Centers, everything will go well. We should not forget that the first years of a child’s life are very important, because during this period the foundations of emotional and mental development are laid. The programs of our Children’s Nurseries are characterized by a modern pedagogical concept and scientific knowledge” he adds, among other things. The consecrations in each Kindergarten will take place on Tuesday, September 6, while the central one will take place in the 3rd Kindergarten on Skoufa Street at 10 am.

Meanwhile, today Friday the 3rd period of the “Camp in the City” program ends and on Monday September 5 at 6:30 in the afternoon the closing ceremony will take place at the Neapolis stadiums. It is a celebration entitled “Where there is competition, there is victory” in which the small campers of the city will participate.

By Natasha Polygeni

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