Registration at the 1st Secondary School of Larisa

Registration at the 1st Secondary School of Larisa
Registration at the 1st Secondary School of Larisa

The registration period for the 1st SDE of Larisa has started and will last, like the submission of the online application, until the end of September. To enroll in the school, interested parties will submit their application online at the link:

The 1st SDE of Larissa (Ioustinianou and Komninon, on the ground floor of the building of the 5th Lyceum of Larissa, phone: 2410-670.950) has been operating for two decades in our city and is aimed at every adult over the age of 18 who has not completed compulsory education, but now has the opportunity to obtain a title equivalent to the High School Leaving Certificate. Any citizen/resident of the Greek state can attend the school (as well as immigrants, foreigners, etc.). A large percentage of SDE graduates continue on to the next level of education (EPAL, SEK, General High School) and some have progressed to University. The course lasts only two years and classes are always in the afternoon. For any issue or question, those interested can contact Messenger on Facebook. SUBMIT REGISTRATIONS
After the application is submitted online, the school visit will be scheduled. Alternatively, you can register directly at the school at 16.45 – 19.30. They will need to provide two documents:
– Copy of Primary School diploma (or Certificate from High School for those who have attended some classes of High School) – those who completed compulsory education abroad, present this title in Greek translation as well.
-Recent family status certificate. THE DIFFERENCE WITH HIGH SCHOOL
But what is Second Chance School and how does it differ from High School? In principle, the trainees are adults. Their interests and experiences are the reference point of the course.
The Study Program is not fixed and given, but open and flexible. Many lessons take place outside the school in places of cultural reference (e.g. museums) or environmental interest. The trainees are evaluated with descriptive-qualitative comments on their performance, as well as their overall progress. The emphasis is on metacognitive skills (Learning how to learn) rather than academic knowledge.
The teaching methods are alternative – innovative and based on the principles of adult education. School page:

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