An eyewitness describes the scene of violence in Katerini

An eyewitness describes the scene of violence in Katerini
An eyewitness describes the scene of violence in Katerini

The large-scale episodes with SniK as the protagonist that took place in a nightclub in Katerinis, he describes in a 20-year-old witness who experienced it first hand wood and Snik’s bad behavior. As he says, a girl injured her leg when she fell on the broken glasses from the bottles thrown by Snik and his henchmen.

“Really, what we experienced and saw was very bad because there was a lot of violence. While Snik was singing, one of his henchmen opened a bottle of champagne and the foam was thrown on the first tables, causing some people who were sitting there to get dirty. Then one of the first table threw an ice cube hitting him Snik. Seeing him, the trapper’s henchman says to him: “What are you doing, man?” and the other person from the table says to him: “What do you want, hey?”

See the wild wood at Katerin’s club

Then another one of Snik’s team throws an antiseptic at him and the other one continued to throw ice cubes. Suddenly, the music stops and Snik and his team jump down into the crowd and start hitting people. His goons would take the bottles off the tables and smash them on chairs and people’s heads while Snik threw punches. A girl fell down from the bushes and got broken glasses nailed to her legs. It was all very scary. After a while, the police and the ambulance arrived and somehow things calmed down, but the girl was in a lot of pain,” the 20-year-old witness to the incident tells

A total of six people had to be transported to the hospital from the store located on Katerinis beach. From six people who went to the hospital, the four returned home as soon as first aid was administered, while the other two remained for further examinations. In fact, there was a minor girl among them.

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