Complaint: He evicted his tenant because he is HIV positive

Complaint: He evicted his tenant because he is HIV positive
Complaint: He evicted his tenant because he is HIV positive

A serious complaint comes to light through the Association of HIV-positives of Greece “Positive Voice” and the organization ARSIS. The complaint concerns a racist speech against an HIV-positive person at the Athens Magistrate’s Court.

More specifically, as stated in complaint:

According to the complaint of the organization ARSIS, during a meeting in the above court, one of the parties, who even stated that he is a professor of the National Technical University of Athens, stated that his opponent she should have told him about her HIV-positivity before renting the apartment to him.

He even claimed that if he had known, he would not have agreed to the lease due to his exposure to the risk of transmission of the virus, for example through the use of a shared glass of water.

And the lawyer of the professor in question reportedly noted that he has young children who are also at risk of transmission due to the fact that they breathe the same air as the HIV-positive tenant.

It is worth noting that it was also reported that the information about the HIV status was leaked to the other residents of the apartment building and signatures collected for the departure of that person.

What does the organization ARSIS and o Association of HIV positive people of Greece Positive Voice

The Association of HIV Positive People of Greece “Positive Voice” unequivocally condemns the incident uttering a highly abusive and stigmatizing speech that took place during the recent meeting of the Insurance Measures of the Athens Magistrate’s Court and expresses his surprise and displeasure at what was anachronistically and obscuringly heard in a courtroom in the year 2022. The words of the lawyer and the professor have absolutely no scientific basis, since HIV is not transmitted through social intercourse, while at the same time they reproduce outdated, unfounded and stigmatizing accusations.

On its part, the ARSIS organization Kcomplains all kinds of racist speech and actions – from whoever they come from – and declares its undivided support for the victims.

We believe that the area of ​​the Courts is an area for the defense and protection of human rights, where no speech or act with a racist content can be placed and that judicial officials must intervene and prevent such incidents.

We declare that we stand by the victim – and every victim – of a racist attack and will report the fact to the relevant authorities.

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